Chapter 3

The princesses quickly head to the wilderness to collect the gears visible to their eyes. Alianah advances with one sword and headgear while Amira has only a shield on her hand.

Upon spotting a sword, Amira quickly jumps up the tree to get it, but her thigh is hit by a male draconian's foot, causing her to fall harshly on the ground.

"Is that all you can do?" the class B draconian mocks as he stands by the twig of the tree.

"Of course not," she responds and shakes the robust tree with her strong thrust, causing the threat to lose his balance and fall on the ground. But he's quick to prepare for a falling position, hence it doesn't twitch him that much.

Regardless, Amira takes advantage of her frail attack and quickly jumps to grab the shield. As she successfully gets the sword and lands on her foot, the hindrance blocks him and says, "It won't be that easy, princess."

"Sure," she responds and kick-fights him. He is strong and hard to put down, but Amira is trained by her legendary aba to win in such cases. She ends the fight by hitting his knee pit and trapping him on the ground with her straight double-edge sword.

She spots dragons flying in the north direction. Her time in the woods is almost over and she must immediately head to the battlefield.

While on her way, a crackling sound from one of the centennial trees halts her. She watches her surroundings and feels for any sign of threat.

"Amira," someone whispers her name enchantingly. She holds her steps and points her sword to where she thinks the voice comes from.

"Who are you? Reveal yourself!" she orders and all of a sudden, a tree maiden sprouts from the huge, old tree on her side. It startles her.

"You called my name. What's your intention?"

"Amira, I am Trifekta the protector of the wilderness," she introduces herself while floating in the air; autumn leaves are orbiting around her. "Your destiny is about to hunt you. You must stay alive to fulfill it."

Her forehead crooks and her eyes narrow. "I—I don't know what you are talking about. Now isn't the time to listen to what you have to say!" Amira scampers  away, but to her shock, the wood maiden appears in front of her.

The fairy whispers, "The future of the two realms depends on you. You must right the wrong before the havoc becomes inevitable."

Her forehead crinkles at the words she hears, but when she decides to ask, the tree maiden suddenly disappears.

"What do you mean?" her voice is left echoing in the air.

"Come back before the shepherd of the night show three phases at once. I'll tell you what I know."

The blow of the horn fickles her focus to come back. Her sister has reached the battlefield yet she's still stuck in the woods. She collects her strength and quickly scampers to the field where everyone awaits. The wood fairy's word lingers in her ears, she knows it has something to do with the moon.

As Amira steps on the wide-open rectangular field, the sea breeze from below the valley touches her face. She closes her eyes and feels the blessing of the sea.

Alianah, eager to start the fight, moves to the center and hits her shield with the long, sharp sword in her hand.

"The time has come to show your true strength. You'll start the fight with physical combat. Once alpha Douman raises the gold flag, you may shift and finish your opponent with your dragon form. Bloodshed is not forbidden. In this battle, you may choose to either win or die."

"Knock her before she can transform into her dragon form," is Hasham's prayer for his precious Amira.

"I will, Hasham. I will."

The horn is blowned and once it stops, the fight shall begin.

Amira closes her eyes and collects all the energy she can get. She can feel the tossing waves just below the battlefield and the air resistance of the observing dragons flying opposite it.

Alianah holds her sword and shield tightly, she's ready to attack any moment now, while Amira stays calm in her position.

Alpha Douman of gold dragons keeps his stance upright. He is concerned about Amira who can't transform yet, but he wishes her daughter Alianah to win."

As soon as the signal is given, Alianah attacks her sister, but to everyone's surprise, Amira quickly dodges and kicks her from behind.

Everyone is at the edge of their seats, questioning how quick Amira's movement is.

Alianah stands from the ground, she didn't expect her sibling to possess such speed. They have been bullying her for being so frail and not being able to shift, she now doubts if it is really Amira she's fighting with.

"How does it feel to fall on the ground?" Amira asks.

"That's just a lucky move, but I am not starting yet," Alianah arrogantly answers.

For a moment, they stand still in their position, trying to calculate each other. One wink and Alianah appears in front of her sister hitting her face with her elbow, but Amira is quick to spat it with her right forearm and hit Alianah's stomach with the holder of her sword.

Alianah suddenly becomes frustrated at the unexpected fight her sister is giving her.

"How come you become skilled all of a sudden?" she asks her sister.

"For while you boast about your vigor and pull me down with my weakness, I swore for this day to come that I get to show everyone how I can tear apart the princess they adore so much."

Alianah let out a sardonic laugh and says, "What a dream, my dear sister! That's one good laugh you have let me throw." She grimaces, "Let's see how much power you have stored in you."

She mocks and immediately strikes her sister with her sword. Amira manages to cope with and dodge Alianah's movement without being hit nor scratched.

"That's right, Amira! Focus on the target. Don't let the distractions stop you."

"Hit it and don't fret. When it's time for war, emotions must not take over."

"Feel the vibration to sense the movement of your opponent!"

Her aba Mandel's instructions linger in her ears and the scenes of their midnight training flashback in her memories.

"While you still can't shift, you have to be physically strong. Your combat attacks must be polished and your sharp senses must be developed. Knock your foe while they're not of advantage yet."

Amira gets tired of her sister's attacks hence she decides to dominate. She follows exactly what her aba Mandel has trained her for and succeeds by hitting Alianah on her torso, causing her to fall on her knees. She points the sword at her sister's neck and calls her to retreat.

Hasham rejoices from the crowd, he can't stop but be glad at her girlfriend's bravery and strength.

"Well done, princess Amira. Now, take the life out of me just like how your mother viciously takes the power out of our species' custody."

Amira takes a step back. "M-my mother, you know her?" Never has she heard information about the one who conceived her except that she's dead. She is curious as to who her mother is and how her mother dies, but she has never gotten an answer from her father, not even from her aba Mandel, nor anyone. Now that she's hearing it from her step sister, it makes her longed for her mother.

"Uh-huh!" Alianah nudges and slowly stands up from her feet. "She's no other than the traitor Wenoah who stupidly assisted a mortal to steal the gem of power from the dragons."

Amira is taken aback by what she hears, but she makes sure to hold firmly onto her sword.

Alianah fearlessly approaches closer and whispers on her ears. "Most dragons may be unaware, but her traitorous act will cause the entire draconian to hate you, once the long-kept secret is revealed."

"My mother is a traitor..." she utters. 'No, she's not! Alianah has no right to stain the name of my mother!' She marks it on her head. 

Anger fires up in Amira's eyes. She can't simply accept such lies. "What a wonderful tale, my sister, but I won't believe it. Not if it comes from your mouth!" she growls and hits Aliana with her sword. But Alianah successfully neutralizes her action by grabbing her sister's wrist.

"I won't insist if you don't want to believe me. What's important is..." she smirks and forcefully pushes Amira away. "I buy enough time to win this fight."

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