Chapter 6

Chaos. Destruction. Havoc. The smells and sight are evident as people scream and cry their fears. The houses are burning and spreading faster. The shadows of the dark, monstrous flying beasts burning the humans alive and the scared faces of children running for their lives huddles the woman's sight. She's just standing there, shaking and trembling.

A guy snatches her hand and drags her away. He is tall with a symmetrical body, but his figure is obscured by the darkness of the night. She can't recognize him yet she let him pull her into running, until a huge, dark, monstrous dragon lands in front of them. He hides her behind him but he is easily wiped out by the long, reptilian tail of the frightening dragon.

"Give me the heart of magic," it orders. Its voice is rough, deep, and dominating. "Give me!"

Amira catches her breath as she wakes from her bad dream. She is panting and trembling with every flash of the monster she saw in her dream.

She manages to pull herself up and figures that
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