Chapter 5



I was in a hell lot of pain the only thing they did was to ignore me and give me command like some slave. I lift myself off the floor, and the room spins for some seconds, I regain composure making my way for the door when Mr Alfred walked in.

"Why are you leaving?" He asked.

"Uh, I just wanna pee," I lied, he nods. I quickly leave the room, to the closest toilet. I don't think I'll make it to my room.

I stood close to the mirror raising my shirt revealing a huge purple bruise, it's worst now and my stomach hurt so bad I feel like pucking, I lean close to the toilet throwing up blood missed with the food I ate.

I sat on the clean floor burying my head on my knees, tears slipping down my face, why is it always like this? my brothers always beating me up for no valuable reasons. What have I done to merit this? They said I kill mother, but I can't remember doing that, I've only seen her in pictures, I don't even know her.

Maybe I should try shutting up more often, heck no! I can't let them bully me, they'll regret for this I swear.

I clean my face and flush the toilet before going back to the instrumental room.


I sigh in relief as I wrote down the final answers on Zack's answer script, is not easy to provide answers for four different subject, my shoulders hurts.

My phone buzzed, I looked at the screen and smiled.

"Hey big B!" I typed.

"Sup man CJ?" He replied.

"Just finished some pile of shit for those dumbass." I typed

"Why do you keep doing their work?" Brian asked.

"Is either the hard way or the easy way, I prefer the easy way my stomach hurts too much for another punch."

"That's not fair though. I just wanted to check if you were still alive."


"Do you see the shot Zack put in your stomach, I would've passed out."

"Oh that? No worries, vengeance is a meal that is eaten cold not when it's hot you might hurt your tongue, šŸ˜ˆ."

"Please don't, they'll only beat you up even more."

"Whatever, I'll like to see them try."


"Yeah that's my CJ! āœŒāœŒ"


"Bye see ya in school!" I typed.

"See ya too!"

Just have to drop this works where I took them. I sluggishly made my way to Zack's room, knocking before pushing the door open no one was in there, I drop his finished work and left for Jack's room, no one was in there too, weird.

I heard voices coming from Nathan's room, me been me I didn't resist the urge to eavesdrop. I lean against the door silently, and listen.

"Ugh man! We can't father will never give us his permission." I heard Jack say.

"Yeah, you right but is the best party ever, I can't miss that." Nathan said.

"Might be a little crazy but what if we sneak out?" Zack suggested.

"Not bad but still risky." Jack said.

"Risk is my fourth name," Nathan said.

"Do you mean we'll sneak out this night?" Zack asked.

"Yeah, just after the lights are out, long last party!" Jack cheered while they all chuckled.

Here we go some naughty boys tryna sneak out?

This is just the perfect occasion.

I innocently walk back to my room, till dinner was ready.

"Sir the dinner is ready." Henry came up and said to me.

"Uh, is father dinning with us?" I asked, knowing the answer too well, father is really busy with his business, we rarely saw him.

"Yes, Mr Jackson will be present today, he has an important news to announce." Henry said.

I wasn't expecting that, weird, "oh great." I shrugged.

Soon enough we were all in the dinning room eating, those asses were too happy for my liking, only if they knew.

Father cleared his throat drawing our attentions, we all stare at him expectantly.

"I'm organizing a banquet to celebration Frederick's birthday." He said.

"But Fred is not here, the last time I saw him I was six," Nathan said politely.

"Well he'll be here tomorrow," father replied.

"Really?" Zack asked with a frown.


I have heard of Fred and saw him in pictures when he was ten, he doesn't have anything in particular, I can't remember him been mean or kind to me I was only three when he left, so he remains a mystery.

We finished our dinner is silence, retreating to our various room.

I took a shower and got in my pyjama, creeping in my bed with my moby-Deck novel, this book is pretty exciting.

My door is flung open, Nathaniel rudely invites himself in. "Where is my homework?" He search roughly around my desk.

I groan as I left the warmth of my bed for the cold floor, I grabbed the paper, "take."

He snatched it from my grip and walk away, "you welcome, asshole." I mumbled the insult.

I wait long enough for all the lights to be out, I creep out of bed, tip toed down the long hall to Nathan's room, I heard whispering. They must be ready I need to hurry, I walk to father's room taking a deep breath and knocking before twisting the knob, I'm pretty sure he is awake working on some documents.

I walk in his luxurious room, more bigger than ours with a king size bed, a royal chair and desk, with some important prizes and books in shelves, the last time I came here I was ten. As I've said father is a really busy man, travels a lot.

I can feel his piercing gray eyes on me making me reconsider my choice, I can still run back to my room and forget this revenge bullshit, or I man up and take my delicious revenge, me been me, I made my choice.

"Uh, father I-i," stop stuttering tell him!

He frown, god open you mouth stupid me!

"I heard noises coming from Nathaniel's room." I lie, he crossed his arms turning his office wheelchair to face me.

"How did you hear that noise?" He asked his voice coming straight and cold.

I can't tell him I was walking in the hall when I was suppose to be asleep, one of the rules in this house is not coming out of your room after all lights are out, we've got everything we want in our rooms.

"I heard a loud CRASH!" I lie again, he hesitates before standing up.

"Come." He said, I followed closely smirking to myself.

Duh duh duh! It sounds like Jack playing a scary melody on his piano.

Father twisted the knob and froze at what he saw.


"What is going on here?" He growl, I heard shuffling then CLASH!

I was not on view so they'll never know I was standing right beside the doorway.

"W-we," I heard Nathan stutter. I couldn't help but laugh silently, some people will be really sore tomorrow morning.

I tip toed back to my room, creeping in my bed, I sigh in satisfaction.

I was not always like this, before I loved my brothers even if they said I was a demon baby, I hugged them even if they yell and push me, they were my role models my big brothers even if they were mean. Then on my fifth birthday the ruined everything just because father and Henry were absent. They took all my present, scared the hell out of me, held me down In a cold bathtub, made me cry, called me names.. After that day I loose all hopes of getting closer to them they'll just hurt me more, is better if I fight against them.

I hate them so much!

Hey guys! this chapter sucks yeah, I'll make the next more entertaining.

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