Chapter 6



"Finally today is the last day," Brain said as we walk in the hall heading to our lockers.

"Yeah, mid term break! I can't wait!" I said.

"Will you miss school?" He asked.

"Uh, it depends if I wasn't planning on spending my mid term with you, I will, but if I'm forced to do something with those dumbass I definitely will!"

"Yeah your brothers are jerks, particularly Zack, I feel like punching his ugly face each time I see him." Brian said clenching his fist.

"Dude no! They don't worth your punch." We both chuckled.

"Can we stop talking about them and focus on our future freakin' Friday?!"

"Tomorrow yeah, we'll watch movies, do some little competition and play games," Brian's eyes light up as he spoke.

"Yeah, and for once in my life I won't have to spend my mid

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