Chapter 40


I held my violin close and shut my eyes as I draw the bow across the strings, producing a melody coming from the depth of my heart, actually I created this song for mother but she'll never ever hear it.

I put an end to my work once all my emotions was out, I feel better now.

"You play just like your grandmother." Dad said as he pop out from nowhere, I flinched and tense up.

I wasn't expecting him in my room, maybe I did something wrong that I can't remember? I started recalling all the bad things I did before.

"You know she was a good violist." He said softly, as he took some slow steps toward me.

"Yeah, grandpa told me about her."

He stare at me weirdly before speaking up. I looked away trying to avoid eye contact am not a fan of his piercing gray eyes, I used to find comfort in them but I long lost those comforts.

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