Chapter 41


Chris was finally back home, and everything is more than perfect, father is more present and happy.

Jack and I are just glad that he wasn't killed.

But now I just wanna fix things with him, unlike before, I want him to love us, but that is not easy since he won't even come close to us, since he came he is really distant with us and avoid everything about us, he skips soccer practice and dinner at times just because of us!

"I've to postpone my next two meeting with the entrepreneurs." Fred said as he walk in the living room with Chris who had his training bag hanging over his shoulder.

"Uh, I can drop him if you want." I blurted out.

The both stare at me in disbelief.

"For you to repeat the same mistake?" Fred crossed his arms.

"No, I just wanted to drop him," I trial off.

"Why?" Fred kept staring de

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