Chapter 45

This is the best day ever!!!

Fred and Stephanie just got married in the Church and we're currently in our gigantic house celebrating their marriage and the 20th anniversary of the organization.

Everyone is present, grandpa, aunt Mary and her three kids, Suzy, Clinton and Mary, with her husband James, uncle Rafael and Kendrick, with many other guest. And Henry and fluffy.

The house is kinda crowded, unlike others simple party, this was a banquet, men and women dressed elegantly in expensive suit and evening gown in their best manner.

Fred, the boys and I, wore the same suit, a white suit with black collar and bow tie, and an expensive black trouser. I gel my hair all back, with time my hair is more longer than before, just above my shoulders, "get a hair cut" Fred will always say but no way am getting one, my hair are cool like this, not too long though.

Jack and Nathan said they love my style, after


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