Chapter 2

Christine Michelle Jackson: (R.i.p) English, mother of five boys, married to Daniel Jackson, loved her family, very affectionate, a lovely mother and wife, died during the birth of her fifth son, well known for her patience.

Daniel William Jackson Jr:

43 years old

An Irish American

a successful business man, single father of five boys, strict but loving, hardworking, owns a family Enterprise, loves all his sons without exception, believer of corporal punishment.

Frederick peter Jackson:

21 years old

A junior business man.

First son, has four younger siblings, really smart, responsible and kind, plays piano, violin, flute, guitar, harp, loves sports. Over Protective, loves his brothers, can be really scary when angry.

Nathaniel Stephan Jackson:

17 years old

A badass biker in highschool.

Second son, has three younger siblings, not that responsible, loves partying, rude and stubborn, plays guitar. Loves soccer and automobile racing, not that academically brilliant. Hates Chris for killing their mother, adores his other two brothers. Only scared of his father and grandfather.

Jackson John Jackson:

16 years old

A carefree highschool student

Third son, has two younger siblings, irresponsible lover of sports like soccer and volleyball, looks up to Nathaniel, girl magnetic, plays piano, loves all his siblings except Chris, hates school, a bad students, fails most of his subjects, always gets in trouble. Scared of intimidating men.

Zack Oliver Jackson:

15 years old

A badass highschool student.

Fourth son, hates school and Chris more than anyone, a girl magnetic, irresponsible naughty and lazy teenager, loves fighting, gets in trouble more often than any of his siblings, loves his three older brother, scared of water, loves soccer, tennis and karate, plays clarinet. Scared of his grandfather, father and elder brothers. Looks up to Jackson.

Christopher Benjamin Jackson:

14 years old

A highschool student.

Fifth and Last son, really brilliant, half nerd half badass, loves his father, Fred, henry and whisky. A lover of books and sports such as soccer, fencing and horse riding, plays violin. Hates all his older brothers except Fred, loves prank, he tries staying out of trouble but trouble always seem to find him, grew up without a mother and doesn't understand why his brothers holds him responsible for her death, scared of nothing really courageous, can be very arrogant and impudent, have anger issues and mood swings, different from all his siblings. Looks up to his father, Scared of belts.

Others characters.

Daniel William Jackson Sr:

72 years old, an Irish.

A mature and successful business man owns many companies. A very strict father and grandfather.

Got married to an American, who gave birth to a girl and two boys before passing away. Grandfather of ten children, one might think he is heartless but deep down he's not. Believes strongly in corporal punishments.

Henry Romanoff:

75 years old

The faithful Butler of the Jackson family, lovely and kind, the best friend of each and every Jackson.

Brian Thomas:

15 years old

A highschool student

Best friend of Christopher.

A good friend more like a brother, loves Chris and hates his brothers, always there for him no matter the situation, Chris's comforter and advisor.

Whisky or fluff: one year old, Chris faithful pet, his father offered it to him as a present in his thirteenth birthday, not friendly loves Chris and Brian, growls at anyone he sees as a threats to Chris. Loves licking people's faces when they're asleep and when he is excited.

Many other characters will erupted in this book...

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