Chapter 3

Thirteen years later...

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"Get the hell off me!" I yelled trying to break free from the suffocating headlock.

"No way! She was mine! Little bitch!" Zack shoved me down really hard punching me on the stomach.

I landed with a thud and winced at the impact, Zack stood towering me, I kick his feet making him jump, I cease the opportunity to grab his hair, I punched him on the face, seating on top of him.

"Why don't you ask your bitch of girlfriend?!" I yelled.

He managed to push me off him, next thing, he was on top of me, punching me, I raised my elbows above my head blocking the hits, anger took over me! I don't know what happened, I guess I shoved him really hard causing him to fall face down on the glass table, blood slowly creeping down his face and dripping to the floor.

"Ow!" He grabbed his fresh cut with with clenched jaw.

I stare wide eyes at what I just did, maybe if I run now no one will know, I slowly back off bumping into something, please not him! please not him!

With the satisfactory look on Zack's face I knew I had no chance.

How did I land in this mess?


It was the Rinnnnnggggggg!!!!!! From my alarm which came blaring in my eardrum brutally waking me up from my nice sleep. I reached for it in annoyance throwing it on the wall, but it crash on the floor never hitting the wall, my room is so huge, five persons can live in here. I was more than satisfy that the annoying sound had died down.

I scooped my pillows under my head and shut my eyes returning back to my peaceful dream, is only 6:30am just five minutes more. I thought.

I felt wet liquid everywhere on my face followed but a warm tongue licking me awake.

"Noo! Fluffy quit that." I pulled the pillow over my head, he crept inside my cover, licking my neck.

"Argh! Get out bad boy!" I pushed him off my bed raising the cover to my head.

My cover was savagely yanked down, "what the hell, whinny! I will, ugh! Bad boy!" I groan rolling on my stomach.

"Mr Christopher is 7:40 you are suppose to be in school, if you don't get up now you'll be late, your brothers are already gone." Henry said in his monotone tone, showing strictly professional. But I know he cares.

"What the hell! Why didn't anyone wake me up? Where is my fucking alarm!" I leap out of bed racing to my wardrobe, I yank the door opened throwing my uniform on the bed.

"Language Sir, your breakfast is ready."

To hell breakfast we're talking about my ass here.

I ran to the bathroom taking a quick shower, when I returned back to the room Henry was gone, just fluff staring at me.

"Fluff why didn't you wake me? Bad boy!" I said, he rested his head on his paw, I bet I saw him rolled his eyes. Nah that's impossible.

I tripped in my school uniform, a khaki trouser, a white long sleeve button down shirt and a green short sleeve sweater vest without forgetting the green suffocating tie.

I brush my hair while stuffing my book in my backpack, I ran out of the room racing down the stairs, mindless of the rules of no running in the house.

I yanked my black Lincoln navigator door opened, fortunately for me the driver was already waiting, don't get me wrong I can't drive yet so basically is my private car with my private driver, all my brothers have one.

I arrived at school at 8:05, five minutes late for my first period, history and it was Mr Drake's class, he is a really strict teacher in Philips Exeter academy, one of the most expensive private school in England.

I was not planning on sneaking in, got caught many times, so I man up and walked straight to my class carefully pushing the door opened.

Every eyes left the board to stare at me like I was a movie or something, Mr Drake was busy on the board, I was pretty sure he saw me, I made my way to my seat taking my history book out.

"Mr Jackson, why are you late?" He walked up to me towering over me.

I was not going to lie, "Broke my alarm, slept for one hour ten minutes more." I said nonchalantly, I was not scare of a detention slip just the consequences of bringing one home.

"Since you were truthful, you're having a lunch detention with me," he said before walking off.

I was planning on hanging out with Brian but I guess he'll understand I prefer this than a detention slip father won't appreciate.

One and half hours through the class I felt like using the toilet, since I didn't this morning. "Excuse me sir, can I make use of the loo?" I asked, he gave me one of those "what's that for?" Looks, my eyes never left his cold brown ones, I've stare at more intimidating looks than his, like father's. Those piercing gray eyes of his always sends chills down my spine.

"Five minutes," he pulled out a pass.

"Yes sir," I grabbed it before walking away, I sigh this day is gonna be long and terrible.

I walk in the boys loo, doing my business and washing my hands after.

The door was pushed opened, Roby walked in, this is the boys' loo what the hell is she doing here.

"Uh, excuse me?" I said, and she turned around with a smile.

"Hey I'm a little lost I am new to this school," she lied, twirling with her hair lock.

This girl, Zack is just too foolish is obvious she is a bitch, she must be thinking I don't know her but yeah I do, she is the girlfriend of my brother, uh I mean Zack Jackson.

"Oh yeah? This is the boys' loo, that of the girls is down the hall." I said while washing my hands.

She took some steps closer still twirling with her hair, "maybe you could show me?"

We were just some few inches away, I stare deep in her blue eyes in disgust.

"You know if Zack walks in right now there'll be a great scandal."

She stare wide eyes at me.

"Yeah I know, cheating openly on him with his brother?" I scoff. "Is disgusting."

I tried to walk away but she grabbed my wrist, "you're more hotter than your brother. I want you." She said.

"Ew Gross! Get your disgusting hands off me." I yank my hand from her grips, quickly pulling out my private spray for disinfecting gems, spraying it over my wrist, inhaling the beautiful scent of pure nature.

She frowned, "whatever!"

I walked out of the loo, with a little smile, I didn't do that because I was scare of Zack or any of my brothers, just because I don't like worn stuffs. She was previously used by my brother that's totally disgusting, and I'm not interested in that relationship.

After my classes it was finally time for lunch. I was debating on skipping lunch while I walk in the hall.

"Little bitch!" My body was slammed against the lockers, Zack was breathing fire as he held me still.

"What the hell?! Let go!" I reaped his hands off my collar.

"How dare you touch my girl!" He yelled.

"I didn't touch anyone!"

"Oh really what where you doing in the toilet with her? that's the news spreading like wind."

"That? Well is not my fault she found me more hotter than you," I smirk as his gray eyes turn darker. Ouuhh, bring it on.

"I'll kill you!" He sprang on me but someone pulled him away.

"Zack! What are you trying to do? A scandal?" Nathan said as he held Zack still.

"You heard the rumors! That little whore!" He ran his hand through his hair.

"Yeah, but you can't do this here, what if a teacher walks by and sees you beating him? Do you think father will be happy to hear another trouble you've caused?"

Zack sigh shaking his head, Nathan whisper something to him and he nodded in understanding.

"Whatever fuckers, you better get off my way, bitch boy." I smirk walking away, I heard foot pounding hard against the ground then Nathan's voice, I was careless of what they were saying.

I got my healthy lunch before walking back to history class, I'm not much of a junk eater.

"You're one minute late." Mr Drake said, I resisted the urge to roll my eyes.

"Sorry sir, I had my back against the locker." I mumbled the last part.


"Nothing Sir, I'm sorry for my unpunctuality." I said softly hiding the sarcasm in my voice.

"You may sit." He said returning back to looking at his computer screen.

I pulled out a novel under my locker reading while eating is a back habit but, I can't help it.


The last bell rang, I was slow to packing my stuff, I hate going home at times.

I entered my private car and we drove off, as soon as my foot hit our big compound.

I walked inside the house just to be shoved down by Zack, "here you are!"

I stood up pulling my sweat vest, "I didn't do anything with that bitch, and is not my fault if you're so dumb to see how much of a whore she is." I said nonchalantly, holding back an exasperated sigh.

Then this whole drama started.

End of flashback.

"It hurts father," Zack said playing the victim, I swear I hate this guy.

Father hurried to his side, "don't stand there! Go get Henry!" He yelled at me.

I race out of the room calling Henry, till I found him, "father needs you now!" I managed to say between breaths.

Next thing henry and I ran back to the living room, Zack had a napkin on his cut preventing the blood from oozing out.

Father was speaking on the phone, while watching over Zack worriedly.

I just stood there shaking, till father piercing grays eyes met mine.

"Go to your room," he said calmly, I could hear the hint of anger in his voice. I can't wait to see what will happen if I don't I know father too well.

I grabbed my stuff getting out of that awkward tension, I raced to my room slamming the door behind me.

Why did I slam my door? I don't know maybe cause I'm angry? Or doomed! Father will kill me! I let my anger have the best of me again!

I set my bag down and my vest in the laundry basket, I took off my tie sitting nervously on the bed tapping my foot.

The door flip open, father walk in shutting the door behind him, "bend over the desk," he instructed.

"I-" I tried speaking but he hush me with his hand up high, pretty rude.

"I won't repeat that."

I reluctantly stood up walking to the desk and bending over, I heard him unbuckling his belt, then a sharp pain jolted through my body, the first strike is always a surprise, it took me all not to yelp as he rain down strikes on my poor rear.

I loose count at ten, I can't take anymore it feels like hell, tears escape from my eyes landing on my brown desk, and quiet sobs left my trembling lips, when the strike won't stop I totally loose it, I broke down sobbing loudly, but said nothing. It's of no use saying anything, it doesn't work with father.

Finally the eternal torment stopped, I didn't hear him buckle his belt, it hurts so bad.

"Sit." He pointed to my bed, I leap up to where he mentioned still sobbing. "I-i'm sorry." I stutter.

"No you're not, you're sorry that you got spanked, get ready for soccer practice thirty minutes." He said before walking out.

Is always like that with father he is not an emotional person, this is not the first time though, don't get me wrong I don't hurt my brothers physically everyday, this is the first time, anyway He is right I'm not sorry for what I did just sorry that I got spanked.

Hey! I'm not the bad guy here Zack is, that's why I don't regret anything, I love what I did to him he deserves it and more. That was just a beginning I'll make him pay so bad. Some day he'll be on my mercy and he'll wish he never came to earth. That I promise.

Hey guys sorry for not updating earlier, i had school work, but now am back!

2107 words for my third chapter, hope you love it.

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