Chapter 4

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"Knock it off!" Coach Clinton yelled. "Both of you come over here!"

I walk to him along with Christopher.

"I don't know why you guys are on each other's throat, but quit that! family problems and soccer are two different things, you can't be trying to kill yourselves while you are on a FIELD with a BALL! Anymore fights one of you will go out! Got that?"

"Yes coach." We both said.

Is not my fault if that little thing is upset, since three days he looks like he could kill and I don't miss any occasion to start a fight either, father must have thought him a rough lesson.

He shoved me really hard, yeah I exaggerated, it was just a little cut of nothing, who cares? I got what I wanted, since then christupid wants my throat and I couldn't ask for better.

I'm not the bad guy here, he is! Right from the instance he was form in mother's womb. He took her attention and her love for himself and later killed her! As it was not enough he stole father from us, Christopher here, Christopher there, is just annoying! yeah I wouldn't deny he looks like mother I bet it was a mistake, he is a mistake!

Each time I see him, there seem to be an explosion of rage in me, I want to reap his head off, hit him till he can't breath, because of him I'm growing up without my beloved mother. I'm not jealous, I'm just doing justice.

The more I thought about it the more angrier I get.

"Yay!" Our team cheered, that bastard just scored an ugly goal, and everyone is patting him on the shoulder. Stupid.

"Good Chris, keep it up!" Coach yelled clapping.

Soccer is our thing, he just joined recently and he is taking our glory for himself. I glared at him, as he high five Brian, I'm not the only one though, Nathan and Jack was doing exactly the same.

Coach blew the whistle soon enough everyone was running in the field.

Once I grabbed the ball, I got my target and shot the ball with all my might, it hit the idiot right in the stomach knocking him down, I smiled in satisfaction as he cling to his stomach gasping for air with his eyes squeezed shut.

"Oopsie dopsie, I didn't see you." I said innocently.

"Zack Oliver!!" Coach yelled as he crouch down to him giving him a napkin to clean the blood that had creep out of his stomach to his mouth.

"What coach? Is not my fault if he is such a cry baby, can't take a little hit." I chuckled making his enemies laugh out loud.

"Five laps and twenty push ups, now!" Coach yelled.

"As you wish coach, I jogged away," from the corner of my eyes I saw jack and Nathan giving me a thumb up.

After my punishment practice was over, coach had to council it because of that mistake. Why do people care so much?

I walked in the restroom heading to my locker, right next to Nathan's locker he stood putting on some comfortable T-shirt, the huge purple bruise on his flat stomach was so hilarious.

I bursted out laughing, he noticed my presence and frowned, "ha ha keep laughing, soon you'll be crying." He grabbed his stuff stomping away.

"Bastard!" I called out.


"No and no and no!" Mr Alfred our musical tutor yelled. We have been playing for the pass two hours, repeating for the 20th anniversary of father's company, it's so frustrating! In each anniversary we are asked to play a song for the mighty crowd, the four sons of Daniel Jackson on stage, is all over the news, as boys from a good family we have an instrument we can play better than the others, I love the flute, Nathan his guitar, Jack his piano, and him his violin, that instrument is ruining our beautiful song.

"What is wrong with your team today? The song is horrible, where is your team spirit? Argh!" Mr Alfred pinch the bridge of his nose sighing.

"Is not our fault, but his! We are playing in rhythm, but he is not!" I glared at Chris.

"Maybe if you stop acting like a child and man up! We'll get the perfect rhythm! Instead of shoving the fault on me!" He snapped. I want to slap that bratty mouth of his.

"What did you say? Repeat that again?" I stood up walking to him.

"Hey hey hey! Knock it off Zack! Get back to your seat!" Mr Alfred yelled. Despite my strong urge to punch him, I swallowed my anger and walk back to my seat, but as soon the tutor leaves this room, that little thing can consider himself dead.

"One more time." We started playing again, I wasn't really concentrating in the song, instead I was figuring out where I'll hit him that will cause the most pain in his body.

Mr Alfred's phone starts buzzing, he smils down at his phone, "excuse me boys I need to pick this, you can take a break, I'll be right back." He left.

I immediately stoop up, dropping my flute, "what was that?" I towered over him, he also stood up our faces few inches away. This little shit!

"I said! Is. Not. My. Fault. That. You. Guys. Are. So. Dumb. Even to play some common instrument." He pokes my chest as he said each word.

I punched him hard on the gut, he retaliated with a blow to my jaw.

Jack invited himself to our little fight, I watch as he grabbed his two hands pinning them at his back.

"C'mon bro teach him a lesson," Jack said smirking, Nathan was equally smirking, they want me to do this? I will.

I punched him really hard on his bruised stomach, he screamed trying to break free but Jack was just too strong, it must hurt like hell but who cares? I delivered two more blows before Jack yanks him to the floor.

"Don't ever call us dumb little brat! Since you're so intelligent you'll do our pile of homework, we want it before this night!" Jack said.

He groan in response, Still laying flat on the floor clinging to his stomach.

"Tell anyone about this and we'll make it feel like a love tap." I said.

We regain our various position, totally ignoring his grunts, he is a real drama King.

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