Chapter 97: Feel pity

Grace’s POV


“Mother. Don’t think about the shit peace treaty. With the help of Zayden, we can build whole new werewolf warriors and no one can rise against us. Not even the werewolf queen.”, I heard Sarah’s speaking.

Jane, hurry up!’, I chanted in my mind. I saw her fighting with Wyatt but that was not the plan. She had seen a glimpse of the future related to the witch and the plan was that she would keep the witch busy in showing her future. When I saw that the witch didn’t attack us. A little amount of hope appeared in my heart.

“Eric, show Sarah her real place.”, I said and we planned to make Zayden remember me. If in that way the spell breaks.

“Not t


I will hopefully complete this story by EOD. -Prachi

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Dianne R. LaPonzina
Don’t like this chapter. It’s skipped too much from the previous one.
goodnovel comment avatar
Avni Mahajan
how can zayden kill his's sooo heart breaking
goodnovel comment avatar
what the hell. he still didn't remember anything. waiting for next part

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