Chapter 23: Any boyfriend?

No One’s POV


“We are close, sweetheart!. When I brought you last time, you were unconscious.”, Zayden announced. Grace didn’t say anything. After ten minutes, the car came to a halt. “Now, sweetheart, before I open the door for you, let me clear you a few things. First, don't dare to think of running away because everyone around you is werewolves and they will catch you easily. Let’s stop talking about others, I myself will chase around. Second, you are near the forest so you have to get habitual about hearing the howl of the wolves as that is one of our ways to communicate. Okay!”, He asked.

“Yes.”, She answered. Zayden dipped his head again and pecked her cheek, to which she closed her eyes in disgust. What more could she do? After a while, he opened the door for her.

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