Chapter 25: I was just….angry

No One’s POV


“No.No!”, She lied.

“Again, with the lies, sweetheart? Let me tell you one thing that we werewolves can smell the feelings and to your bad luck, it includes LIES.”, He said. Grace lowered her head in embarrassment. She brought her hand to the strand of hair that came out and pushed it behind her ear.

“S.sorry.”, She whispered without looking into Zayden's eyes. He noticed her movement and smiled without saying anything. Since the road was completely empty and far away from town, Zayden was driving the car at an unbelievable speed. He was way too excited to show her the arrangement he had asked his men to do.

He had planned something for her even last time but nothing happened as per his wish. So, he was just praying that nothin

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