Chapter 27: Daydreaming?

No One’s POV


Her heart skipped a beat and she instantly looked for the source of the noise. Her eyes snapped down the ground. There lay the dead body of a man. Her hand came up to her mouth in reflex. She slowly turned her head toward Zayden and saw his gun in his hand and it was still pointed toward that man.

Her eyes widened in fear and she tried to move away from Zayden but he didn’t let her go. All the old fear rushing to her body and features, just a moment before, she had kept her fear aside and it was back again. Zayden looked at her sacred body and felt bad for her. She obviously had never seen such violence in her life, and seeing this and the previous incident right in front of her eyes, was terrible. He knew this but he didn’t have any choice. He had to kil

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