Not a Child

Lucifer’s POV

I can see the child losing her balance, but I catch her before she hits the ground.

As I hold her in my arms, I can feel her soft curves against my body, the slight swell of those breasts against my chest, and as if on cue her nipples harden under the thin fabric of her dress, reacting to the contact between our bare skin.

‘She is not a child!!’ my beast & cock moan in agreement, but I ignore it.

“Great!! Now, what is wrong with her?” I bark irritated with my beast.

“Well let’s see!” Set starts counting on his fingers, maintaining his usual nonchalant style hooded with sarcasm. 

“Exhaustion, dehydration from crying too much, she has blood pooled around her feet, a man just killed himself, and the fact she was given away as a tribute today. I think the fainting spell is highly deserved brother, don’t you agree.” He is being oversensitive here, which is so not him

“Fine she had a bad day! Why did you have to get her with you? You could have returned her to her family, made an excuse? Are we collecting strays now?” My beast growls at me as soon as those words leave my mouth, not liking the idea of her not being in his arms. And that bothers me, this is not good.

“Lucifer…It was her father who agreed for her to be given away as a tribute. He sold her.”

I & my beast both flare with rage with this piece of information, we want to hunt that swine down.

“You & I both know that nothing good comes out of a shitty father.” Set continues.

I nod in response, calming myself down, not keen to discuss any fathers any longer.

“Anyways let’s go, the jet is already scheduled to take off in an hour or so. I can have the doctor on board look at her.” Set suggests

“So, we are bringing the stray aboard?” I ask, feeling my beast’s irritation.

“Yes, I have already mind-linked Avo about it. And he agrees besides he has his take on the situation”

Well so does my beast, but I don’t even want to go there.

“She is human” Set does not seem bothered by my remark, I am sure he is also noticed that she doesn’t have a clear scent. Fragments of various elements, distinct yet hazy, enough to sense her but nothing clear like most beings have. Like something is amiss.

“It would seem so, but you are right she doesn’t have a clear scent. Her father is human. Also, she is not eighteen yet, so maybe her scent hasn’t developed fully”

Hmm, that could be, as is the scent changes after they turn eighteen. Strangely my beast finds this interesting.

We soon reach the airport, where the jet is all ready to take off for Sicily.

She is lying in one of the cabins in our jet, while I stand as far as possible in that small room from her frail body.

I never thought this day would turn out like this.

My hand had been itching since morning, my beast ready for some action, he has been on the edge, waiting to hunt.

And Luciano had given me the perfect opportunity, he has been at it this club & new business for months. I have always made my rules very clear, and I do not give any warning, you break the rules and you face the consequences.

Set had gone there to manage the situation diplomatically; he had almost convinced me that I need not intervene. But Luciano was able to change Set’s mind at the party.

At that time, I was not aware of what led to Set’s change of heart, I was just happy to let the beast have his fill.

He was ready to hunt, to saturate the blood lust. I thought he was content with the blood he had spilled, that he will be at bay now.

But one look at her and the urge to hunt returned. But this was a different type of hunt that he wanted to go on, he wanted to chase her, capture her, make her submit, punish her, hurt her, own her…

I unconsciously walk to her bedside, and my hand reaches for her face.

Despite the urge to hunt, I & my beast are careful with her, almost soft. As I caress her cheeks & feel her smooth skin she almost leans into my hand, her face looks much more peaceful now.

I start trailing my finger down her frail cheek to her jaw and then to her neck. I can see goosebumps on her skin, I can see how she is affected by my touch. I want to continue my journey further, but I stop myself.

This is not ok, she is not even conscious for fuck’s sake, I have no right to be here.

My beast disagrees, after all, she was given to us, but thinking about how Luciano sent her as tribute angers me and my beast. How dare he?

He will have to pay for this, we will make him pay, my beast roars. And that father of hers, how dare he sell her.

We are seething with rage, my beast wants out right now, he wants blood.

I move my hand away from her neck, and as if reacting to the loss of my touch she suddenly opens her eyes, those green emerald looks directly at me. Is she awake?

My beast is hyper, he wants his prey, he wants to chase, he wants to hunt.

“Run Stray Run!!” the words leave my mouth, even before I even realize it. My beast readying her for the chase.

She is again unconscious or asleep, but it’s not the peaceful slumber that she was in earlier.

My beast is adamant about having her, and my cock hardens with an agreement. I need to put some distance between her and myself, even if she is not a child, she is still so young. She can’t take us; I warn my beast. She won’t make it, he knows I am right and that’s why he goes silent

I quickly get myself out of that cabin, and back to my office. But the distance seems to have no impact on my stiff cock.

My beast & I are salivating, we need to get our mind off her, but my erection seems to have a mind of its own. I am contemplating an ice-cold shower when the blond air hostess enters with a dinner.

After letting herself in she keeps the dinner tray in front of me and sits on her knees to retrieve the different courses from the tray. I am deep in thought over those emerald gems when she takes the dinner napkin and puts it on my lap tracing the outline of my oh-so-obvious boner.

When our eyes meet the glint in her eyes is unmistakable, “Can I help you Alpha” she says biting her lip seductively.

Ivana is tall curvy blond, with sizeable breasts and a round ass. And I know that compared to the weak girl next door, this one here is a fully developed she-wolf, she might be able to manage us better, not that a werewolf can match my hunger, but still better than the girl.

But the idea of being buried in anyone but her repulses me, my beast howls in agreement, we won’t fuck her.

“Do you think you can take me wolf? Do you think you will survive? Do you think I want to fuck you? I won’t fuck you” I declare.

She quickly put her head down in submission, shivering but doesn’t back off. She tries to look up again “If I may, may…”

“You may what?” My beast is at the forefront now irritated by her disobedience, does she have a death wish.

“I... I was just offering to relieve you...Just you by…” she mumbles, losing her initial confidence.

I think this might be the only way to control my beast, relive him a bit. I sit back nodding to her, she immediately gets on to the task at hand while I continue sitting in my chair.

She opens my zipper and tries to get my jeans down to get full access to my member.

She is enthusiastic and eager to please, getting on her knees she starts by stroking my length and then starts a slow torture with her experienced mouth on my cock.

She has been at it for an hour, she started with long slow licks from top to bottom, teasing me with her tongue on the head while her hands played with my balls.

Soon she starts deepthroating me licking the base of my cock with her tongue while I was deep inside her mouth, while constantly moaning and giving me lustful looks, playing with her boobs and nipples for me to see. But you can’t even see goddamn the glitter of the pre-cum on my cock. I am rock hard, but no better than I was an hour ago, the only difference is that my balls are turning blue from the lack of relief. I am bored.

But Ivanka refuses to give up, she now has my dick in between her breasts, stroking me with her ample boobs, but the results are the same.

She has now started sucking on my dick again, taking it in and out of her mouth like a popsicle, it even sounds like someone is having a popsicle. I am still bored, honestly, this is becoming too much I should call her off.

Just as I was going to call it off, I sense her. I can hear her approaching footsteps and her nervous breathing. Just the feeling of her being nearby makes me groan in pleasure, releasing precum in Ivanka’s mouth.

I change positions so that now I am standing next to the door, to get a better feel of the girl outside, with Ivanka kneeling beside me

Just the thought of the girl outside is driving me nuts, I imagine her green eyes, her wild red hair in my hand, and the swell of her small breasts against my chest. And I start thrusting into Ivanka’s mouth, fucking it with my cock, grunting in pleasure thinking about the red hair angel who is cautiously approaching the door 

“Ah…… ah…..ah……ah…….ah……ah……ah”

With each step that the girl takes towards the door, my thrust becomes faster, harder and wilder, matching my carnal grunts.


I am becoming senseless with every approaching step, deep throating Ivanka with my cock, making her gag & choke around it.

I can feel the girl right outside the door now, I know she is listening, and my beast is relishing that feeling.

I look down at Ivanka who is kneeling in front of me in a submissive position, with her body at the display, for my pleasure. Her bare breasts and tits are bouncing to the rhythm of my thrust. Her skirt is hiked up to her waist, giving me a full view of her back and her naked butt.

But one look at Ivanka and I knew that this is not the sight that I want to come to, that this could not be my undoing.

And lead by my urges, losing all control I open the blind, just enough to see her. And there I come face to face with her nervous green eyes.

One look from her and it takes me seconds Making me reach my peak and orgasming like a schoolboy.

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