Welcome to Sicily!!

He was right!!

I did not need a passport. None of them did!!

We simply got off the plane, and into a big black SUV, zipping out of the airport without any interruption or checks.

Not that I have ever stepped out of New York, forget about traveling across international borders. But even I know that you do need a passport to travel across countries. International borders are a part of the school curriculum, isn’t it?

What kind of money & influence would make it possible to travel without passports?

Is this how the rich & powerful live. There were about seven-eight SUVs for a dozen people, who had exited the plane with us.

Well if you can those ‘giants’ people.

Now if I come to think about it all these guys look somewhat like the members of the Luciano family. They all have the same very non-Italian physical similarities, that are hard to miss.

They are all tall, super muscular making them more intimidating. I wonder if it’s the genetics or that’s how are they recruited.

Maybe they are all related to each other.

No that can’t be! The Agosti brothers stand out. They seem different. It’s not just that they are physically stronger and taller, but they have this aura around them that makes them scary, terrifying even, as they can command you.

I know it’s not just me that feels that way. I have noticed this other around them as well. People automatically submit to them.

Especially Lucifer, he is really scary, far more than Set. And very weird, I mean what was that on the plane, I just don’t even want to….

I am just glad that I am riding with Set and the other two guys who were in that room earlier. They have barely said a word, the atmosphere in the car is still calm, for now.

But I know I can’t let my guard down. There are legends and lore on Agostis for a reason. I can’t trust them.

But can I escape?

I am here in Sicily, with no paperwork, no trace or legal imprint of me anywhere. No one knows where I am, there is no proof of me leaving my city or country. Even if someone wanted to help me, they couldn’t.

I am terrified, I have this urge to weep uncontrollably, but I don’t.

I will do exactly as I am told, I will ‘behave’ as Set said.

I might not trust Set on the fact that I will be safe, but I am not stupid to go against him either.

I am still deep in thought when I hear Set speak

 “We are here!”

You can almost hear a smile in his voice.

It’s almost night, so I can barely see where is here.  But I can hear the gravel below the car tyres, as we enter a large garage along with other cars. The car stops in front of the elevators and Set quickly ushers me in one of the elevators along with the other two guys.

 “Come along little girl! Giovanni will take you to your room.” Set says motioning towards Giovanni

“Just don’t leave your room alone, someone will come to fetch you for dinner.” He continues

I quietly nod before stepping out of the elevator with Giovanni.

The room is just down the corridor from the elevator.

“I will send someone for your luggage as well! Just freshen up, we are already late for dinner” Giovanni reminds me before leaving.

As soon as he goes, I lock myself in the bathroom and let the tears flow.

I still am in shock at certain levels, not able to believe that my own family sold me off. It all seems like a nightmare, except it is not.

I am sure they would have forced father. He might not be fond of me, but he will never sell me off. He can’t do that. No, I am sure they threatened him, they must have threatened him with the twins. Yes, that must be it

I keep on wrestling with my thoughts, weeping myself dry.

A knock on the door forced me to compose myself and get the ‘I am ok’ face back. It doesn’t take long I have been doing this all my life, putting on I am ok face.

I open the door to come face to face with a boy holding my luggage. I don’t have a lot of stuff, just a small trunk with a few clothes, books & my mother’s pendant, the only thing that I have left of my biological mother.

The boy carrying my trunk looks a little older than me and somewhat familiar.

“Move weirdo, I need to keep these antiques inside.” He remarks pushing me to enter the room.

“Which era are you from, I mean who carries a goddamn trunk for luggage?” I have no idea who this guy is, but he continues to hurl insults at me. While I reel in my grief, anger, and self-pity, trying to keep my emotions at bay

Once inside he gives me a look over with disapproving looks “So, I heard right, Set did pick up a stray”

That word again, Stray, What the hell, who does he think he is?

“Who is he?” Oops did I just say that out aloud

“Who am I? Really? Well, the question is who are you?” he says glaring & I automatically step back afraid. It’s like he became scarier.

And that is when I see it, I know why he looks familiar. He has the infamous Agosti scowl. Both the Agosti brothers have it, it’s just a little more permanent on Lucifer’s face but Set gets it too when he is angry.

He does look like a mini Lucifer in some ways, a younger & less scary version of him. They are so related.

That makes sense, and he did call Set Set so openly. in the last few hours I have only seen people address him as ‘Don Set” except for his brother

 “And what are you even doing here?” he continues

That’s a good question. One I would also like to get an answer to.

I give him a blank look & answer back unable to hold my sob “ I- I… I don’t know.” I can feel heaviness in my voice.

I don’t know if he feels bad for me or what, but he drops the topic. Giving me a piece of quiet, to compose myself back.

“Ok, ok let’s just go already, we are late for dinner!”

I follow him out quietly

“Don’t worry about earlier! Ok.” He says while looking at me. He is different than the others that I have met till now, namely the Agosti brothers

“So, what’s your name?”

“O-Omerta, Omerta Romano”

“Omerta, you got to be kidding me that is your name. What kind of a name is that? Why would your parents name you that?” He says mockingly. Like I haven’t heard that before

“I am Draco by the way!”

What kind of a name is that now? but I don’t say it out loud this time.

“Pardon me!” Draco says looking at me knowingly

“I didn’t say anything,” I say defensively

“But you thought it. Didn’t you?” He smirks and I just walk quietly.

I realize this is the only conversation that I have had in the last twenty-four hours it might be the longest conversation I have had with anyone my age in a very long time. Even at school I barely talked to anyone, there was never the time.

It makes me feel a little better, more normal even considering the circumstances.


At the entrance of the dining room, I see a lot of familiar faces from our flight. It’s a large room, that can easily seat a hundred plus people, but currently, there are only about a dozen people in the room. 

I notice that each person in the room goes to the rear end of the table to greet someone, before taking their seats.

They all go there one by one and bow their head in respect. The only person who does not bow their head is Set who just approaches the man at the rear end and just hugs the man before taking the seat next to him.

When it’s our turn, the man gets up from his seat approaching us with a warm smile.

He takes my right hand in both his hands still smiling

“You must be Omerta! We are so glad to have you here!” he says still smiling at me.

“I am Augustus Agosti, and this is my family,” he says gesturing to the table.

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