The Agosti Family

Augustus Agosti was standing in all his six-foot three-inch glory in front of me.

I know he is an Agosti and that should be enough of an introduction, but I have no idea who is he. There are mentions of the Lucifer and the Agosti brothers, but this man standing in front of me must be in his late forties or at best early fifties.

So, not their brother!! And I know Lucifer had killed their father, so who is he?

I mean you can see the similarity in their features somewhat. But he feels more human in many ways. He has kind eyes that wrinkle at the corner, and a broad warm smile that makes me want to smile back.

He looks regal but still warm, to the usual cold & raw vibe I have seen with the two Agosti brothers.

Following others, I too bow my head to pay my respects to him.

“Oh no sweet girl, you don’t have to do that.” He says, shocking me & everyone around me.

 “I am just so glad to have you here! Come sit with us. You have nothing to worry about” he says looking directly into my eyes and giving me a kind smile.

“ WOW, avo!! Why the special treatment?” Draco remarks, but the man ignores him.

Avo, that word again. I remember Set referring to someone earlier. I have heard the Avo word before, I think it means ancestral, I think. Is Draco calling this man old?

Sensing my confusion, the man clarifies “Avo means ancestor or grandfather in old Italian. You can call me Avo as well!”

 Oh! He does not look like anyone’s grandfather. I mean he is older, and at best might be a grandfather to a toddler or something.

 “I suppose my grandsons have not introduced you to everyone properly, have they?” he asks, and I quietly nod.

“That’s what I thought. Never mind let me give you a rundown. Umm… let’s see, you already have met Lucifer & Set right. I hope they at least gave you their names.”

“Oh, Avo! Lucifer gave her more than her name. He gave her a whole showdown!” Set interjects with his sarcastic remark.

“Where are your manners Set” Augustus scolds him

“What did he do?” Draco joins excitedly. I also heard

“Boys!!” Augustus Agosti calls out warning everyone to keep it calm

“So, I know you come from a mafioso family, and you must be aware that Lucifer is the head of Cosa Nostra & of course the Agosti family. He is also my oldest grandchild.”

I am stunned, the man sitting in front of me can’t be that old. No Way!!

“We have great genes, we age well!” he says as if guessing the shock on my face.

“And Set, Draco, and Abaddon are his brothers. You have met Set & Draco, already and this is Abaddon.” He says pointing at the man sitting next to Set.

As I look at the person he is pointing to, my eyes meet a pair of hollow eyes, sitting on an equally emotionless face. He looks like he is in constant pain that he is trying to mask. He is definitely the scariest, after Lucifer.

Augustus continues to introduce me to the rest of the members, but I am only able to pick up Giovanni and Rodolpho’s names. The guys who were there with me in the cabin & through the car ride are the second in command.

After the introductions, Augustus starts serving me food himself.

All this is confusing, I mean I know they have told me that I should not be worried. But I was given to Lucifer as a tribute, literally sold by my father, and Lucifer’s behavior is so scary. And here his grandfather is serving me dinner.

How can I believe all this? I think I am right to be cautious. But I need to go with the flow and see how things shape up? What other option do I have?

“Is the food ok?” Lucifer’s grandfather checks with me, and I offer him a smile & get back to eating. My appetite is quite low, I have become a small eater.

The dinner continues smoothly, everyone seems relaxed unlike earlier in the flight.

All except Abaddon, who still has the same pained expression on his face. Even Set, who I have only seen being very careful & composed seems eased.

Suddenly, the atmosphere in the room shifts and the buzz mellows down. The room has worked up some tension, and I can sense Lucifer’s presence.

I look up from my plate and I forget to breathe, he is only wearing his shorts that hang really really low. His chest is washed with sweat this time instead of the smeared blood last time.

Our eyes meet only for a second, and it’s like he is questioning me. I just want to hide under the table, I can’t hold his gaze in front of so many people.

“Don’t stop on my behalf.” he says, “Just make it to the training ground by 5 tomorrow morning.” And with that, a lot of them start scattering, and his grandfather & Set exchange glances.

“I will eat in my room Avo!” he announces making a plate for himself. And then scowls looking at my plate and bursts out of the room. Did he just size my plate?

“Someone is in a bad mood!” Draco comments after Lucifer leaves the room.

“He is right. You can’t miss training. “his grandfather ordered, with authority dripping in his gaze. And at that moment, I got a glimpse of the firm leader behind all the warmth.

 “Omerta! Draco will show you to your room. I did want to have a discussion with you regarding the current circumstances…..” their grandfather says to me

“But it’s too late tonight, we will speak first thing in the morning. I just want you to know that you will be always treated with respect here, like everyone else. And whatever Luciano or his men told you on why you are here is not even close to the truth. We will talk more tomorrow. Sleep Well Sweet Girl!”

Back in my room, I was thinking about the Agosti brothers, it’s so strange that all of them have been named after the devil in some way or the other.

Lucifer the devil himself, Set the Egyptian god of death, Abaddon the destruction, and Draco, the Dracula.

Can’t believe any parent would want to give these names to their child. But my father gave me a such name as well. And with that thought, all my pent-up emotions come back to haunt me.

And as I lay in bed, I can hear a loud howl. What is this place, are we in the middle of a forest?


In the morning I am called to Grandfather Agosti’s office. Giovanni comes to take me and brings me to a small elevator.

“Just go to the third floor, his office is right opposite the elevator door. I am running late for a business call, I will have to leave.” He says leaving me at the elevator.

It’s just two floors, we could have taken the stairs.

As the elevator doors open, I wonder if I should take the stairs. It’s a small three-by-three elevator, with Lucifer standing right in the middle. Leaving no space for a second person, well maybe some space if he chooses to move to the side, but he continues to stand there.

“Get in Stray! Let’s not go astray!!” he commands like always, his expression unreadable.

And with that, I obey, squeezing myself in whatever space I can find around him.

They had modern spacious elevators in the car park, could they have not updated this one as well. I was just thinking this when the elevator comes to an abrupt stop. It’s on the third floor

Good, it’s over.

Or Not!!

I wait, and I wait but the elevator doors don’t open. I turn to Lucifer, who still has no reaction

“They are jammed. Again!”

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