The Decision

Set’s POV

Strangely, Lucifer moved this meeting to Avo’s office instead of his own office. We barely use Avo’s office.  

All thanks to that unreliable lift, Avo barely uses his office. Not that any of us needs a lift, even Avo at his age, but we need to keep up the pretenses for visitors.

 “Buon Giorno Avo! Hey Luc…”  As I look around his office, it’s only Avo there, sitting on the sofa next to his desk.

A smile starts playing on my lips, this is certainly a first.

“He’s late!”  Avo says smiling, with an extra emphasis on the word late.

“Really! is that so,” I say, unable to hide the sarcasm in my voice, I take a seat opposite him.

Lucifer doesn’t do late, ever, and everyone knows that.

Lucifer always has everything planned, always.

Even during his anger spells, he thinks through it all, the repercussions of his irrational actions and

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