Lake Pergusa

“You are late!”  Avo gives me a loud shout without glancing at me, while still working on his flower bed.

I have never seen him talk so loudly. Worried that I have displeased him I start rambling trying to explain what happened.

“Yes, yes, sorry for that. I didn’t mean to… I…”

I stop explaining myself midsentence and look back at him.

“You are teasing me, aren’t you?” I ask Avo, who has abandoned his flower beds and is now standing in front of me with a telling smile.

He continues to stare at me with his warm affectionate smiling eyes for a while before he breaks the silence.

“You seem better. And not just look better, but you feel better, stronger…… different even.”

And I just give a coy smile in response to that. I know I have gained some weight & I don’t look as frail as I use to.

But I am guessing Avo is just politely

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