The Attack

Oh god! Giovanni is hurt, there is so much blood. How the hell did this happen?

“Omerta Run!! Now” Giovanni shouts and that is when the man first realizes that there is someone else there and almost turns back to look at me. Despite bleeding heavily, Giovani uses this distraction to his advantage by climbing on the man’s back. He has both his legs wrapped around the man’s neck and is trying to strangle the invader with his legs.

But the man is fast, he pushes himself back to get rid of Giovanni, falling on the ground on his back. Resulting in all his weight & impact of the fall getting anchored on Giovanni, who takes another hit on his already bleeding back & ribs.

Luckily, Giovanni is fast as well, and despite the fall he quickly rolls over changing their positions, now he is sitting on top of the man’s chest. The new position gives him more control of the fight, and without wasting any time he lands some very impactful skull shattering punches on th

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