Physical Education

My training starts today. I can’t say how I feel about it, I have never been a fan of physical force, but since I am now living with the Agostis, I more than ever need to know how to protect myself.

If I am being honest, the ‘protect myself’ bit won’t be happening anytime soon, all I want to do is ensure that I do not put others in danger in any event. I do want to know how to defend myself, but I know it will take a while since I have never been involved with any physical activity before.

I am not worried about the training, I will work through it, it is the trainer that concerns me. And speaking of the trainer, I do not want to be late on my first day. I am supposed to train before others, it’s already 3:45 am, good thing I am 15min early.

There is no one when I enter the training ground, so I start stretching my body knowing the basics from the gym at school. As I bend down to touch my toes stretching my calves & thighs in the process, I make a note to

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Teresa DeBerry-Stringfellow
Updates I have been waiting awhile is there going to be any? The wait is killing me!

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