Chapter 3

*** Noah's POV ***

My first day at a new job.

Was I nervous? No. 

I was aware of the whispers that went on, about how everyone feared the woman behind the bosses desk, and to be honest, it excited me. 

Even the sympathetic glances I received from the receptionists was enough to encourage me further into staying. 

I was looking for a challenge, something different. I had travelled the world searching for something, but I didn't know what it was. Adventure, sure I'd had plenty. Women? Plenty of them too. Even behind their sympathetic eyes, I could see the wanton longing of the receptionists as they looked me up and down. 

As I rode through the elevator I thought back to the last time I had been in New York. It was seven years ago, and I was a boy at 19 years old. The city had overwhelmed me, and I wasn't ready for it then, but now I had lived a little and I was ready to see what it had to offer. 

I approached the door that belonged to the infamous Ice Queen, I readied myself for what was on the other side of the door. 

I knocked and opened the door slightly. 

"Uh sorry, they told me I would probably find you here, Evan?", I asked.

"And now they're sending people to your office?", a neatly dressed man spoke to the other side of the room.

I could hear the sound of a woman's voice, but it wasn't clear as I was still behind the slightly ajar door.

"Come in", the man who I assumed correctly was Evan (as he didn't correct me) opened the door. 

As I made my way through the office door, I felt as if time itself had stood still, as cliche as that sounds. 

Sitting at a large desk was no Ice Queen, no this woman was a Goddess. 

Her hair was a delicious mix of brown and blonde, it could only be named as 'bronde'. Her round eyes, grey and blue in colour were intoxicating and I felt as if I were in a trance and she was beckoning me towards her. 

"Noah Chaplain, is it?", Evan asked, but I could barely hear him. 

"Yeah", I cleared my throat but I refused to take my eyes away from this woman, "pleasure to meet you".

I walked closer to her desk, licking my dry lips as I longed to taste her plump delicious looking ones.

"Lovely. Well as you're now aware I'm Evan, executive assistant to our COO, Lana Harris".

At the mention of her name, the Goddess before me stood up. She must have been no taller than 5'6, even in her heels her frame was small but inviting as I eyed up her curves.

She was younger than I had imagined, but I wasn't disappointed, not in the slightest.

As I reached her desk I extended my hand to shake hers, it was the perfect excuse to touch her. I had to sample this delectable being, even her sweet perfume was teasing my senses. 


'Lana', I repeated in my mind. I replayed her voice over in my head, desperate to hear more. 

"Great, now that the pleasantries are out of the way I'll show you to your office", Evan butted his way into my attention span. 

I reluctantly turned away, a smirk dancing across my lips as I noticed the red blush that had crept onto Lana's cheeks.

Evan mentioned something about a meeting to Lana, but I had already zoned out again. I was thinking about how excited I am to begin my work, and find more excuses to meet with this beauty of a boss I had been employed to work under. 

Evan led me to an office that was only a short walk away from Lana's. 

"So this office is yours. The last person who had this job was a total nutcase so please save my balls and be completely normal... Lana would literally grate my nuts over a rusty cheesegrater if we hired anymore inept donkeys as she put it"

I laughed heartily at his remark, although a small part of me wondered if he was serious. The woman I had met had mesmerised me, sure, but I couldn't help but notice the intense aura that was around her. The perfect state of her office told me she liked order, and to be in such a high position for someone her age had to mean she was determined. 

Evan continued to give me the run down and day to day expectations of the job. I was no stranger to this position, I had been an accountant for many people privately but had also spent a number of years working for higher corporations. I will say though, none of my previous employers had caught my attention as Lana had... In fact, no one I have ever encountered had. 

Once the rundown was complete and I had been introduced to a number of staff that would share the same floor as me, Evan left to complete his own work and I sat down in my chair thinking of those intoxicating blue/grey eyes. She had left an itch that needed to be scratched, and we had only been in the same room for no more than seven minutes. 

I had never been one to stay somewhere for more than a few months, but if working here meant I would see her enchanting face every day, then I was ready to change that. 

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