Chapter 4

*** Lana's POV ***

An hour had passed since I met him, and still I couldn't get Noah out of my mind. My cheeks were still warm from the effects his presence seemed to leave on me. 

For the first time since I could remember my mind was clouded and I couldn't focus on my work. This could be a problem... a  big problem. 

'Guys like him would never go for someone like me, so let's get that straight', I told myself. He had to be the most handsome man I had ever seen, and judging by his confident strut I would say he's used to getting what, or should I say, who he wants. 

Not to mention we had a strict no personal relationships in the workplace policy. What would everyone think if they saw me fawning over him? God, I felt like a lovesick teenager. I wouldn't be surprised if I started doodling our initials into notebooks next...

"Knock, knock"

My father's brief knock on the door and his voice as he entered my office startled me from my thoughts. 

"I hope I'm not disturbing your work", he said as he walked over to the windows. 

"Not at all", I replied cooly, hoping the blush that had formed on my cheeks at the thought of Noah had disappeared. 

"I meant what I said before I left the presentation room. You did  a good job today, the board is impressed"

"Thank you, daddy, that means a lot"

"I know it's been tough for you, being my daughter", he turned to face me and his crisp blue shirt brought out the colour in his eyes, "the board are not easy to please and certainly are not as impressed by a woman. But, today you convinced them of your capabilities by winning us a very lucrative client"

On the outside, I was as cool as a cucumber, but on the inside, I was screaming. Could this be it? Was my father about to tell me I had proved my worth and in reward, name me the new CEO?

"Right, I'm off to a lunch meeting. Could you please leave a copy of all the notes that were taken today in my apartment? You have the spare key, yes?"

Still as composed as ever, I could feel my silent hope placing itself back into its box.

"Yeah, sure"

"That's a good girl, I'll see you later then"

And with a quick nod in my direction, he was gone. 



4:50 pm 

"Who's up for shots?", Evan cooed as he burst into my office.

"I think the question is, 'Who do you think you are bursting into my office like that?' " 

"A devout follower of '2 for 1 happy hour', now get your cheeks into gear"

I stared at Evan while rubbing my temples. I had developed migraine after such an emotional roller coaster day, and his chanting around the room wasn't helping. 

"I never actually agreed to a drink, you know?"

"So tell me to get out of your office right now and I'll leave you alone", Evan challenged. 

I grumbled as I turned my computer off and reached for my coat.

"I'm barely getting anything done as it is, so I may as well call it a day"

"We both know you will be up all night working, so you might as well spend a few hours forgetting about it" 

"You know me so well", I chuckled as I let down my slightly longer than shoulder-length hair from the bun it had been in all day. 

"I also know you desperately need a drink after the day you've had", Evan looked at me with genuine concern, "I saw daddy dearest leaving your office, and considering you chose to decline lunch today, even when I offered to bring it to your office as per usual, I can only assume it didn't go well"

"You could say that"

I shrugged on my coat and reached for my bag. We walked in silence towards the elevator, and I have to say I was a little disappointed in my not running into Noah as we left. 

As we got comfortable in my town car, Evan gave the driver the directions to whatever bar he was taking me to, and I sat silently watching the people of NYC pass me by. 

"This isn't a bar", I sniffed as I stepped out into the chilly manhattan night. 

"Wow, how observant you are", Evan said sarcastically, "No, it's an eatery with a bar. You skipped lunch and seeing as we both have work tomorrow I thought it was best not to let you get too drunk on an empty stomach"

"Oh how caring you are", I replied with my own sarcastic remark, "But we agreed to a drink, singular, no getting white girl wasted for me tonight"

"Aww but I love it when you get white girl wasted!", Evan whined. 

I rolled my eyes as we made our way into the restaurant. The atmosphere was warm and full of life, even for a Thursday night I was shocked at how busy it was.

"Don't worry, I already called ahead and booked us a table"

"God, I love you", I crooned as I smelled the various delicious scents that were wafting out from behind the closed kitchen door. My stomach began to rumble and I only just realised how hungry I truly was. 

"I bet you don't love me as much as you love, Noah", Evan winked as he took his seat.

"Wha-", I gasped as the waiter presented us with our menus. 

"Oh don't you think I didn't notice the goo-goo eyes you two were pulling today. It was quite intense, not to mention erotic if you ask me. It was like I was privy to some heated eye se-"

"That's enough", I hissed as once again my cheeks started to burn. 

"See, even now your fair skin is betraying you. Now you really should come to the Hamptons with me if you don't want everyone in the office seeing you have this reaction around him"

"I was going to invite him to tag along, but I knew everyone would become suspicious. You've never shown any interest in the staff's personal lives or tried to get to know them so to suddenly invite Noah out would be a wee bit strange"

I ignored Evan as my eyes scanned the drinks menu, I didn't intend on getting drunk tonight but I was starting to reconsider that thought. 

"And he's busy tonight anyway..."

"Oh?", I asked, taking Evan's bait.

"Yes, it seems as if he's caught several peoples eyes. They're throwing him a 'Welcome to Hell' drinks downtown..."

"Oh, that's nice- wait, welcome to hell? really?"

"Well you didn't think working with you was like working in a candy store, did you? I mean, Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, maybe. And that's only if you count the parts where people almost die"

I raised my eyebrows as he continued to titter away.

"Ah, and the reception girls certainly were the first to wish him a warm welcome. They practically skipped out the door behind him as they all piled into a taxi van"

Now he had my attention. A sense of misplaced jealousy washed over me. I had no claim over him, and yet I saw red at the thought of other woman throwing themselves at him.

It only made sense that he would attract so much attention, he was gorgeous...

"Yes well, they would do well to remember the no personal relations policy", I said bluntly as I set down my menu.

"Does that go for you too?", Evan eyed me suspiciously.

"Of course", I said evenly as I placed my order. 

"Hmm", Evan continued to watch me, it felt as if he was trying to probe into my brain. But, he knew when I had enough so he decided to change the subject, "Now, tell me all about that visit from your father"

The waiter was back swiftly with our drinks, thank God, I was going to need them. 

I groaned. My father was another subject I would rather not discuss, but as I took a sip of my fruity drink and began to feel the effects of the warm alcohol, I replayed the events that took place today, all the while Noah was at the back of my mind...

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