Chapter 5

*** Noah's POV ***

"So tell us, what was your first impression of the Ice Queen?"

"Yeah, running for the hills yet?"

The group I was squashed into a crowded nightclub booth with erupted into laughter. I was the only one who didn't find anything funny at all.

"I really don't know what you're all talking about. I wasn't in there for more than 5 minutes but she seemed nice enough"

The men that sat opposite me almost spat their drinks out, while the brunette that clung to my side hissed.

"Nice? No, nice is letting us go home early during Christmas break, instead, she made us work overtime to finish off some stupid pitch that wasn't supposed to be ready for weeks!"

"Yeah, and she worked all through that break, even the Christmas party... Refused to come out of her office to have one drink with her employees, not that we want to spend another minute with her outside of work... Really tells you the kind of person she is, doesn'

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