Chapter 7

*** Noah's POV ***

Sweat, cheap booze and sex... It was all around me. The smell of it all hung in the air as the vibrations from the loud music played against my eardrums.

I inched my way through the crowd, ignoring the wandering hands that attempted to lure me in. I wasn't interested in what they had to offer, I was only interested in one thing, one woman, her. 


I spotted her in the entranceway, Evan's arm locked into hers as if he were her protector, but I had a feeling he was really holding her in place. 

I was shocked and excited to see her here, it wasn't exactly her scene and while I gave her no choice in accepting or denying my invitation, some small part of me worried she wouldn't make it. 

One word was ringing through my mind, spectacular. It seemed hardly enough to describe the vision I was witnessing, but it was all I had. 

While it was dark in the club, strobe lights bounced off and

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