Chapter 8

*** Lana's POV ***

I couldn't remember a time when I had been more carefree. I had walked into this club ready to walk straight back out again, that was until he showed up. 

His snug-fitting jeans and leather jacket accentuated his bad boy look. His dark hair looked as if he had combed it with his hands, and sweat glistened off his forehead, the tiny beads looked like diamonds as they reflected in the clubs sporadic lighting. 

I don't know why it brought such satisfaction to me, watching his shock and slight delight as I knocked back the shots he challenged me with. He didn't know who he was dealing with here. While I will admit, it had been some time since I had partied like this, I was definitely no stranger to it... Growing up with a demanding father like mine, who wouldn't want to destress a little?

In my father's eyes, I was nothing but a dedicated student, and I was... But sometimes like most teenagers, I would

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