Chapter 10

*** Lana's POV ***

It had been almost a week since my night with Noah, one long, torturously slow week. 

Noah, for the most part, had avoided me. No eye contact, and only sending email correspondence when absolutely necessary. I thought he understood, that we had to stay professional, but now we were beyond acting professional, I was nothing to him...

" a drunken mistake " 

My own words echoed in my head, had I been too harsh?

I'd be lying to myself if I said I didn't miss him. Was I crazy? I barely knew the guy... and yet, I missed the playful glint in his eye, the rich scent of his leather jacket, and most of all, his hands wandering my body...

I attempted to throw myself into my work, it usually worked but when it came to Noah, nothing helped to keep my mind from wandering back to him. 

Evan knew better than to pry, he could sense the tension between us during our Monday morning staff meeting.


Hey there, I've recently created an *** for my stories, it shows you how I feel my characters (in both this story and my other story, The enemies around me) look and I may post update alerts/sneak peeks in the future. P.S, thank you for reading this far! xx

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