Chapter 12

*** Noah's POV ***

I pulled up to the stunning beach house and paused, hesitantly. As I switched off the ignition and lifted my helmet over my head, I couldn't ignore the butterflies that had been swarming my stomach all week, just the thought of Lana sent me spiralling, and now I was about to see her out of the workplace, I couldn't avoid her as easily here. 

I had been fighting myself all week, I wanted to talk to her and look into her gorgeous stormy eyes, but I remembered what I was to her.. 'A drunken mistake', and though I yearned for her, my pride won the battle over my longing. 

During my ride over here, I let the cool wind blow against me as I rode my black Yamaha Virago. It was the perfect time to let go, to not feel anything but the world around me and the hum of the bike as I sped free away from the city, and yet all I could do was rehearse what I might say to Lana if we met face to face tonight. 

Forgetting everyt

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