Chapter 14

*** Lana's POV ***

The sound of seagulls screeching, searching for their breakfast woke me up. I stretched lazily and groaned as my body ached all over. With my eyes still shut tightly, I snuggled into the warm embrace of Noah, who was still sound asleep beside me. 

I replayed last nights events as my mind slowly woke up... Noah and me. He found me down on the beach, and claimed me once more... actually several times more. 

I shifted uncomfortably, why was I so stiff?

The sounds of the beach were so much closer than they had been yesterday morning, I must have left my door open all night. 

Wait a minute... 

I don't remember going back last night... 

Hesitantly I started opening my eyes, grimacing as my eyes adjusted to the sun that was slowly starting to rise in front of us. I gently removed myself from Noah's embrace, careful not to wake him, and I scratched my sand-covered head as I gingerly lo

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