The Unchaste Punishment
The Unchaste Punishment
Author: MaidenRose7


(Should read the story IT'S JUST I LOVE YOU first before reading this, though it's Stan alone story you will know more about Zaki when you first read the story It's Just I Love You.)

(Sharian Roden POV).

I woke up tied in a chair.

I slowly lifted my face and my eyes widened as I saw who was in front of me.

"You look surprised, you can't speak. Did you think that you could escape, and I would just let you go after you powdered my buildings?" He said.


"You sure a difficult lilgirl to tame huh." He approached me and pushed my forehead, so I looked up.

"You want money, right. Look!" He pointed the money in the cases.

"It's all up to you. Plus I'll support the Stygian." He said.

"Why ... why would you do that?"

"I want you."

“Are you crazy already?” I laughed at what he said.

He wore me a bracelet stamped “Z’s”. Means Zaki's. This person is crazy.

“Who wants to be your possession you freak!” I shouted.

"This is the proof that you belong to me, Roden. Do you know this?" He said high up a blue liquid.

"This is what was injected into you earlier. It will gradually destroy your system. So if you still want to live, kneel in front of me, and in return, I'll give you the antidote."

“Insane!” I gasped. Who does he think he is?

He untied me and sat down in front of me.

He looks serious.

"Get on your knees, Roden!"

No way !!

We just stared.

For the first time in my life, I was scared to death.

I will not kneel.

I was shocked when he injected me again.


"From today, onwards, your freedom belongs to me. Your life is mine now. You are my pet who does what your master wants you to do!"

My eyes widened when he pulled me and crushed me with a kiss.

What's going on! I don't want to be this guy's possession! There's no way !!


(Zaki POV)

I have a plan to keep Roden here with me for three days, and so that Stan, Zaneah, and my brother Dylan don't get suspicious about Roden, so I talk to them that she can't come home because she enjoys being outside.

Roden did what I told her to do because she believed that the supplement I injected into her was poisonous. She promised to stay with me, in exchange for me giving her an antidote, TSS she is more afraid of death than what I can do with her.

What a naive fool, little proud brat.

She deserves punishment for being a tyrant like a guy. For ruining and messing around with those weaklings, she deserves to be plunder.

"Thanks, Scott. That would be all. You can go now."

"All right, just call me if you need anything."

"Yeah." I entered the room where Roden was tied up. Even though she's a woman, I'm still afraid of what she can do.

I closed the door.

I picked her up and carried her to the bathroom. Likewise, I untied her feet and hands. The shower was opened to get wet, and she woke up.

“Damn!” she said and got up.

I was shocked when he kicked me, so I backed away and bumped into the tub.

TSK, this girl!

"Next time, get stronger, so you can put me to sleep. Are you planning to escape now!" I said, pulling her leg, stroked her, and held her arms.

"Let me go. You're crazy!" She shouted. I brought my face close to hers.

"I only let one person hurt me. That's Ian. You have some guts to hurt me, Roden!" I stuttered in her face.

"I don't care about you and Ian you psycho gay. Let go off me!" She struggled.

"Gay? How dare you called me gay!"

"Ian is a guy, and you like him a lot, so you are a gay!"

"Let's see what I'll do to you," I said, raised her legs.

“No, stop Zaki!” She shouted and kicked me, so I caught her foot.

"Do you have a plan to fight and run away from me? Will you run away even without clothes?"

I spread her legs and enter my two fingers in her.

"No please Zaki stop it. NOOOOOO STOP! You bastard!"

"Do you still dare to ruin what others have worked for? Burn their property? Do you still dare to steal what is not yours and collect what other people have worked for? You dare, bully the weak?"

Many people Roden hurt, others she robbed, burned property, and destroyed livelihoods. I was one of those who experienced her tyrant.

"FORGIVE ME. FORGIVE ME. I Won't DO IT ANYMORE. JUST SPARE ME and give me the antidote. Please I won't do that anymore. Pull out your fingers already. Please it hurts." She begged.

TSS maybe every time she looks at the people she burned their property she was happy even though those people almost cried blood to get her mercy.

"What a shame. Begging to spare you! I hope you thought of the people who would be affected and suffer because of what you did!"

"Kill me! Just kill me, stop tormenting me anymore! Just kill me." She cried.

I pull out my fingers and enter her.

"You want death? Aren't you here for the antidote because you're afraid the poison will spread in your body, and you'll die? Death? Do you want it right now? Those you hurt won't be happy if I give you a quick death. Suffer first like the people you tortured. I'll show you how angry I am! "

I accelerated the gesture.

"You ..... fucker! I .... really

. Hate. You! "She gasped.

"Ugh … I don't ... Want you .... To like me …" I thrust harder and move faster, tearing her insides.

"Fuck you, Zak. You bastard. Go die ... Let … Me. Go ... You alien!" She said hardly.

"Ugh. Stupid!" I accelerated, even more, I didn't care if it hurt for her.

"Ugh, dieeeeee go die, bastard. Go die.



Die. Die, Zaki !!!!! "

Flood is flowing from her nose and mouth, but she is still tough.

This girl is quite tough. Like her brother Stan, she is a strong one too.

"I'll show you the consequences of hurting me! I'll punish you until you won't be able to move, even your fingers. You belong to me, now and forever. I won't let you leave my side. You must stay beside me until I get tired of you, or else I will wipe all the Stygian here in Cordova City without leaving a single trace of them! "I utter and hug her tight.


"I want you beside me, Roden. You can't disappear, so I'm locking you between my hands, forever."

"Bastard. I'd rather die than staying beside you."

"Say it to the moon. Bark like a dog, it's useless. From now on, you'll be mine 'forever! To be beside me is your punishment.".

"Zaki you, jerk! Just wait, and I'll punish you too for doing this to me!"

I crushed her with a kiss.

"I'll wait that Roden."

.. The Unchaste Punishment

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