(Sharian Roden POV)

"Burn the store down !!!" I shouted at the Stygian members.

"Have mercy Madam, don't! Please." The owner of the store I'm going to burn down. He hugged my legs.

"I've been holding you back for a long time. You don't pay, right? We won't be blessed with anything right from you. We should burn down your shop than for us to go back and collect the little you gave!" I kicked him.

"Have mercy!"

"TSK, burn that away. Everything." I said and the car returned.

As the sister of the esteemed gangster Young lord Stan Elthen Indelcio, leader of the Stygian Beasts the most powerful group here in Cordova City, I have nothing to fear from anyone.

At least one, not because of my brother Stan but because I’m not afraid to die, so I’m not afraid of anything.

Stygian are doing their best to get numbers, also because the rival Rubicund is growing and getting stronger, so we need big money to supply everything that each group needs.

The more members, the greater, but the cost is also large.

As a fundraiser, I need to be more rigorous and more persistent in raising money.

(10 pm)

I need to go home because I still have work tomorrow.

"Clai, come on!" I called Clai who was busy texting.

He is always with me on such walks.

He just nodded and went to the other member.

I've wanted Clai for a long time but what he wants is my adopted sister Zaneah.

Tsss what did he like about that stupid woman? I will never really like that Zaneah because she has already grabbed the attention of my older brother Stan, the love of my youngest sister Kezen, she is still the heir to the Stygians crown, and most of all she is what Clai wants. She is annoying.

"Come on!" Clai said and started the car.

We drove home.

The other Stygians just followed.

We just kept quiet as we made our way home.

(5 Months Later)

“Roden, I hear you’re scattering in Cordova!” Stan said, I was inside his office.

"What's spreading? I'm cleaning it!" I said and sat down.

"How's the fund?"

"I'm close to reaching the quota, don't worry, by the end of the month my collected budget is complete," I said insuring him.

"I'll expect that."

"All right. I have to go to school."

"You take care. I'll go next"

"I will," I said leaving his office.

"Let's go Clai," I called Clai who was reading the newspaper. Wearing C.U. uniform. The uniform and his looks were so tempting.

"Come on ...what are you and Stan talking about?" He asked and stood up.

I walked out the door.

"It's okay, we're okay, we're about to reach the budget for the new hide-outs to be built and the new weapons that need to be bought. Just a little shaking." I said and got in the car.

Clai also took a ride and drove to Crown University. The other Stygians followed with us.

On the way, we will meet many fancy cars.

“Hmp these guys look rich.”

"It looks like that. Familiar to me is the brand of their cars." R "with a gold belt." Clai said.

“You hit them."


"I said hit that car!" I pointed Clai at the oncoming car.

"But why? "

I pulled Clai's arm to collide with the long car.

Everyone stopped and got out of the car and the Stygian with us.

I went down as well.

It looks like they are just butlers.

I looked at the newly opened car and a very handsome and tall man came down from there. He is young, maybe 18 or 19 years old. And next four more cute boys came down to him.

He is Zaki Delrama. Step-brother of Dylan Delrama who is Zaneah’s protector. Zaki just transferred to C.U. and was immediately included in the Icon Class. I don't know this man very well yet. I only go to school once in a lifetime. Furthermore, I heard that Ian Mercado of Rubicund was his childhood younger friend.

He looked at me. He looked strange even though there was no reaction on his face.

"What now?" Clai whispered.

I approached the handsome man.

“You pay,” I said bluntly.

He just looked at me.

For the first time, I shrank myself because of the man's stare.

"Sure." He said and motioned to his staff.

He is so easy. I can't believe it. So manly but so naive. What a fool.

"But Zak, they ran into us!" A man complained to Zaki.

"Shut up Scott. Give me the money." Zaki said without even taking his eyes off me.

“1 million,” I said lifting a brow.

Zaki handed me a case he received from his staff.

I smiled at him before returning to our car.

“Let's go,” I said to Clai as we entered the car.

We passed Zaki's cars.

“TSS you’re weird. Amazing!” Clai praises.

“Rich really, easy to intimidate.” I boast.

But what I saw in Zaki's eyes didn't look scary.

His gaze seemed strange.

(Fast Forward)

We were in front of three large 6th feet buildings. I just reached the top part of Cordova City.

I hear all businesses in this part of Cordova are legal. Furthermore, I don't care, I have to reach my quota and give it to Stan.

"You have no right to collect here. Our business here is legal and licensed." The woman shouted at me.

Maybe she is the manager of these establishments.

"I don't care. All I want is for you to give to us what we need, and we're leaving!"

“No way!” She replied.

The woman is really tough huh?

"Is that so.? .... Stygians, polish these buildings!" I ordered the Stygians and left the woman and some staff of that entertainment building stunned.

I got in the car and watched that building collapse. Furthermore, I smiled.

Who is the owner of those buildings? I don't give a damn.

(5 days later)

"So, what's the news?" Stan asked me.

"Well, it's close to the quota. Just a little."

"Looks like you broke more than you collected."

"That's right. The weak should be exterminated, the poor should be erased!" I stressed.

"You're different from Zaneah."

"I know. And I'm not going to be like her because I'm an Indelcio. A true Indelcio unlike her a bastard!"

"Shut up, Roden."

"Why? Shouldn't she know the truth? TSS if you don't have anything to say, I'm leaving. I can give you what you ask for after this month!" I said and left Stan's office.

Took the bag and walked out of the house driving into C. U.

I think Clai and the others were already there.

I pulled my car out of the gate. Get down to close the gate.

I open the door. I was on my knees when someone stabbed me in the shoulder and got me in my car.

Not only that, but I even saw the men get in my car and drive it before it all got dark.

(Fast Forward)

I woke up tired on a bench.

I slowly lifted my face and my eyes widened as I saw who was in front of me.

"You look surprised, you can't speak. Did you think that you could escape, and I would just let you go after you powdered my buildings?" He said.

"Zaki !?"

"You sure a difficult lilgirl to tame huh." He approached me and pushed my forehead, so I looked up.

"You want money, right? Look!" He pointed to the money in the cases.

"It's all up to you. Plus I'll support the Stygian." He said.

"Why ... why would you do that?"

"I want you."

“Are you crazy already?” I laughed at what he said.

He wore me a bracelet stamped “Z’s”. Means Zaki's. This person is crazy.

“Who wants to be your possession you freak!” I shouted.

"This is the proof that you belong to me, Roden. Do you know this?" He said high up a blue liquid.

"This is what was injected into you earlier. It will gradually destroy your system. So if you still want to live, kneel in front of me, and in return, I'll give you the antidote."

“Insane!” I gasped. Who does he think he is?

He untied me and sat down in front of me.

He looks serious.

"Get on your knees, Roden!"

No way !!

We just stared.

For the first time in my life, I was scared to death.

I will not kneel.

I was shocked when he injected me again.


"From today, onwards, your freedom belongs to me. Your life is mine now. You are my pet who does what your master wants you to do!"

My eyes widened when he pulled me and crushed me with a kiss.

What's going on ?! I don't want to be this guy's possession! There's no way

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