Chapter 3-GREAT TOY

(Sharian Roden POV)


"Clai, do you have a walk tonight?" I asked Clai, and he didn't seem to hear me.

We are inside the IC room.

"Hey! What? I'm asking you!" I said grabbed the book he was reading.

"Aist, can you please don't disturb me first? The novel is so good that I'm reading it day and night." Clai said grabbing the book again.

"Ugh what so great about that novel?"

"The woman as the protagonist in this story is my ideal girl. Sweet, modest, and cute, that you will do everything to protect her." Clai said and sit straight.

"TSK, if you're looking for that kind of woman, you should be enrolled at Williams University and not here at Crown University. Almost all the women here are gangsters and can protect themselves. A girl like that in the novel doesn't exist in this kind of place. "I said and stood up.

“Do you know why I prefer women who are modest and kind?” Clai said placing his foot on the table and placing his hands behind his head.


"I was just a child, because of my appearance I've been assaulted countless times with women I don't even know. If your father didn't save me that time, maybe I was raped by that woman before. Because of that incident, I was afraid of all women but when I joined Stygian and became stronger, I was no longer afraid of women, but I still wanted weak women, to protect them. "He said and buried his face in his desk.

So Clai will never like me because I am strong, not modest, and brave. He is unlikely to like me.

"Is that so?"

Because of what I heard, my heart seemed to be pierced.

I confessed to Clai then, that I like him, is he still bastardizing me until now?

Argh so irritating!

(Fast Forward)

It's 7 p.m.

I'm going to go to that alien Zaki Delrama.

My phone rings.

Message from Zaki. I'm going to say goodbye to Stan. TSS eh, is that still necessary? That Stan, there is nothing else important to him but the Stygian and his stances.

But, I'll just say goodbye, so there's no trouble.


After saying goodbye to Stan, I left for the Rapture Hotel.

No matter, I'll try again, maybe Zaki will give me the antidote. Hope so!

(Zaki POV)

“Zak, I’ve done what you asked me to do,” Scott said.

I ordered him to call the Indelcios' house to send Roden's message for them.

I have a plan to keep Roden here with me for three days, and so that Stan, Zaneah, and my brother Dylan don't get suspicious about Roden, so I talk to them as if I'm Roden, that she can't come home because she enjoys being outside.

Roden did what I told her to do because she believed that the supplement I injected into her was poisonous. She promised to stay with me, in exchange for me giving her an antidote, TSS she is more afraid of death than what I can do to her.

What a naive fool, little proud brat.

She deserves punishment for being a tyrant like a guy. For ruining and messing around with those weaklings, she deserves to be plunder.

"Thanks, Scott. You can go now!"

"All right, just call me if you need anything."

"Yeah." I entered the room where Roden was tied up. Even though she's a woman, I'm still afraid of what she can do.

I closed the door.

I picked her up and carried her to the bathroom. Furthermore, I untied her feet and hands. The shower was opened to get her wet and she woke up.

“Damn!” She said and got up.

I was shocked when she kicked me, so I backed away and bumped into the tub.

TSK, this girl!

"Next time, get stronger, so you can put me to sleep. Are you planning to escape now!" I said, pulling her leg, stroked her, and held her arms.

"Let me go. You're crazy!" She shouted. I brought my face close to hers.

"I only let one person hurt me. That's Ian. You have some guts to hurt me, Roden!" I stuttered in her face.

"I don't care about you and Ian you psycho gay. Let go off me!" She struggled.

"Gay? How dare you called me gay!"

"Ian is a guy, and you like him a lot, so you are a gay!"

"Let's see what I'll do to you," I said, raised her legs.

“No, stop Zaki!” She shouted and kicked me, so I caught her foot.

"Do you have a plan to fight and run away from me? Will you run away even without clothes?"

I spread her legs and enter my two fingers in her.

"No please Zaki stop it. NOOOOOO STOP! You bastard!"

"Do you still dare to grab what others have worked for? Burn their property? Do you still dare to steal what is not yours and collect what other people have worked for? You dare, bully the weak?"

Many people were hurt by Roden, others she robbed, burned property, and destroyed livelihoods. I was one of those who experienced her shameless.

"FORGIVE ME. FORGIVE ME. I Won't DO IT ANYMORE. JUST SPARE ME and give me the antidote. Please I won't do that anymore. Pull out your fingers already. Please it hurts." She said begging.

TSS maybe every time she looks at the people while burning their property she was happy even though those people almost cried blood just to get her mercy.

"What a shame. Begging to spare you! I hope you thought of the people who would be affected and suffer because of what you did!"

"Kill me! Just kill me, stop tormenting me anymore! Just kill me." She cried.

I pull out my fingers and enter her.

"You want death? Aren't you here for the antidote because you're afraid the poison will spread in your body, and you'll die? Death? Do you want it right now? Those you hurt won't be happy if I give you a quick death. Suffer first like the people you tortured. I'll show you how angry I am! "

I accelerated the gesture.

"You ..... fucker! I .... really

. Hate. You! "She gasped.

"Ugh. I don't ... Want you .... To like me ." I thrust harder and move faster, tearing her insides.

"Fuck you, Zak. You bastard. Go die ... Let . Me. Go ... You alien!" She said between her hard breathing.

"Ugh. Stupid!" I accelerated, even more, I didn't care if it hurt her.

"Ugh, dieeeeee go die, bastard. Go die.



Die. Die, Zaki !!!!! "

Flood is flowing from her nose and mouth, but she is still tough.

This girl is quite tough. Like her brother Stan, she is a strong one too.

"I'll show you the consequences of hurting me! I'll punish you until you won't be able to move, even your fingers. You belong to me, now and forever. I won't let you leave my side. You must stay beside me until I get tired of you, or else I will wipe all the Stygians here in Cordova City without leaving any single trace of them! ” I utter and hug her tight.


"I want you beside me, Roden. You can't disappear, so I'm locking you between my hands, forever."

"Bastard. I'd rather die than staying beside you."

"Say it to the moon. Bark like a dog, it's useless. From now on, you'll be mine 'forever! To be beside me is your punishment.".

"Zaki you, jerk! Just wait, and I'll punish you too for doing this to me!"

I crushed her with a kiss.

"I'll wait that Roden."


"Here, the antidote." I handed Roden another food supplement.

She smiled as if she was going to kill me. She thinks she can kill me now.

TSS this woman really, she will kill me.

She seems to have stumbled upon the antidote I gave her.

“You’re going to die Zaki !!” She shouted and rushed at me.

I caught her hand.

“By the way Roden, next Friday you come back again for the antidote,” I said to stop her.

She was stopped from attacking me.

"What? I thought what I drank was the antidote?"

"That's it. I haven't told you yet that not a one-time treatment can kill the poison in your body."

"What? ... What do you mean? You mean ..... that this is not a one-time cure?" She asked in shock and disbelief.

"Exactly ... So every Friday you have to see me and let me inside you, in exchange for the antidote," I said and opened the shower.

"Bas .... Tard! You are horrible!" She muttered looking so betrayed.

She's really cute. Once she finds out I’m just fooling her about the drug, she is going to kill me!

She is such a great toy. So naive.

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