Chapter 4-STAKE

(Roden POV)

Earlier I was rolling like tires in my bed. 5 am and I still can't sleep because of the anger in my heart. Tired and reluctant to get up. Maybe the poison is already affecting.

While I was worried about the possible effect of the poison on me, maybe that useless Zaki was now so overjoyed.

I wish he'll die soon! That idiot!

Wait, why don't I try to get a doctor? Maybe that freak is just fooling me around. That is possible because that person is still abnormally stupid.

It's annoying because I can't get his serious face and eyes out of my mind.

= You belong to me Roden, now and forever. I won't let you leave my side. You must stay beside me until I get tired of you, or else I will wipe all the Stygian here in Cordova City without leaving any single trace of them! =

He was mad, his courage to say those things. He is an alien, a demon.

Why am I acting like this? It's the freak's fault. I feel like I can’t do anything. Damn that evil man. He must die. I hate him so much for forcing into things, cursing him for ordering me!

That person is a pest. I've been thinking about him all night, he's the only thing on my mind. Annoying! I was thinking about how to kill him to avenge myself.

If I go to the doctor and check me, they will see the dirty marks of that bastard's bite on my body.

Damn! Is there nothing I can do but follow all the orders of that alien stupid bastard Zaki?

The hell. I'll just get ready and go to school.

You also have a day with me, Zaki. I'll make sure to make you pay! I will also paraphrase you with the Stygian you despise, you demon. Get ready.!

(Crown University)

I was just watching Clai, Sid, Stan, Theron, Dylan, and Gabe playing basketball.

They were happy, no worries, sweating profusely and laughing.

I’m interested in Clai. Maybe it's because he's serious, and he doesn't pay attention to me. Tsk.

Their game was over, so I decided to block Clai.

“Clai, nice game!” I whispered.

"Rod, how are you? I went to your house last night, you didn't come out of your room." He said wiping the sweat from his body.

“I felt bad last night, but I'm okay now.” I smiled at him.

"Is that so? Maybe you should rest first. Rest more, you look so exhausted. I'll take care of the collection. Don't worry."

"Okay, all right .... Ah, Clai let's eat outside later?"

"I have an appointment later, maybe next time. I'll see you later." Clai said patting my shoulder and past me.

"Who's that good chix?" I heard a Stygians ask Clai.

"The hell of you, that's Roden, don't you know her?" Clai replied to them.

I got nervous! My hands shaking and I can't breathe properly.

Is Zaki's medicine already working? What did he inject into me? Will that change my face. Damn it!

(Fast Forward)

I'm leaving the school building. Unlike my sisters Zaneah and Aslani, I prefer to be alone. Clai is the only one I want to be with.

Is this really how you like someone?

I'm also lucky because I can get close to the person I want, unlike others, just look at their crush from afar.

I was about to park when I saw the approaching men. Based on their appearance, they are the Lethals.

TSK I ready myself because It looks like I'm their target.

There are 3 of them, look strong and big.

We fought with their group once, and they lost. This is how they will take revenge. One by one they try to punch and kick me.

I was hit on the side, so I sprang up. Shit!!

I was about to start fighting when someone suddenly appeared and knocked the three Lethals ......

I just watched Zaki how he broke the bones of those men.

All his movements were refined and calculated. Clean, fast, quiet and all I could hear was the sound of the Lethals bones breaking.

Rocking the three.

“That was a fight!” He said and addressed me.

I just have to say. He's cool haha. Tsss.

“Thank you.” Like. Eh, why am I thankful for this uselessness?

"Are you alright? I saw you are hit earlier." He asked worriedly.

I narrowed my eyes at him.

"I'm perfectly fine. Don't worry."

He smiled, showing his perfect teeth and the cutest dimple.

“It’s Friday again, right Roden?” He said and approached me.

I can't speak anymore.

"RH, Same room, 6 pm." He said and turned his back on me.

It's only 4:30 pm.

A bastard!

In his ability to fight, I just don't have the fighting skills compared to him. I'm even more afraid of Zaki now.

(Rapture Hotel*Gold room*)

I went inside and found Zaki asleep.

This man was like an angel when asleep, but he still defeated Satan for how evil he is.

I was struck by the sight of a very beautiful gown, heels next to the tuxedo. Who is the owner of the gown and heels?

"Roden, you're already here," Zaki said so I looked back at him.

I was surprised when he suddenly pulled me into the bathroom.

"Wait, what is it?"

"Let's hurry up and take a bath, it's about to start!"

"What's going to start ?!"

He didn't answer me and jumped into the huge tub with me.

This man is annoying.


"That's something for you. You look like a woman there." Zaki said to me while looking at the gown I was wearing.

"Why are you dressing me up ha? I came here for the antidote, not because of your games. What is this ha?"

Why did he make me wear such a beautiful gown and heels? I admit Zaki is handsome in his tuxedo. It was obvious that he came from a very rich family.

"Let's go." He said dragging me out of the room.

Where does he intend to take me?


Zaki took me to the event place of the Rapture Hotel.

Everyone looks rich. What is the reason why they gather here? Why did Zaki bring me here?

"Zak, who is this beautiful beauty with you?" A man asked.

"She is my classmate." Zaki casually introduced me himself and held my hand.

"She's shy." Another laughed.

They look like politicians. TSK I honestly don't like other politicians.

What exactly is this gathering? And who are these? All eyes were still on Zaki and me.

"Zaki, it looks like I don't have a role here, so I'm leaving," I said and pulled my hand away.

"What about the antidote?"

"I just wait for you in the gold room," I said and turned around.

Right when I confronted him, Clai appeared to me!

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” Clai and I asked at the same time. We were both shocked.

"I invited him here," Zaki said behind me.

“What is this Zaki?” Clai asked.

"Well about what we talked about earlier. Let's take Roden as our stake for our game tomorrow." Zaki said.

STAKE ????!?


"What are you talking about? I thought so?" Clai stammered in shock.

"Do you think I'll only bet money? Ts, if I beat you tomorrow, against us, you'll go out or date Roden." Zaki said to Clai.

What is this man saying?

Clai looked at me.

I have no idea of ​​my situation right now.

"Fine! If I won I'm going to kill you!" Clai said and turned around.

"That's good," Zaki replied.

I confronted him.

“What are you doing?” I asked him.

"Haven't you wanted that man for a long time? Isn't it obvious, I'm helping you to him!"

“Who the hell needs you to do that?” I shouted.

I continue to grab the attention of the people there even more.

"Anyway, all I want is a more challenging match tomorrow. Because of you, that Clarence Zamora will try harder to win, so watch how I beat your first love ........! Cheers. ” He said and raised the glass.

He knows me! What kind of alien is Zaki?

Insulting me too much. Using me as a stake a bet. What am I to him? A plaything?

Who does he think he is to do this? What else could he do?

If he fights with Clai, what kind of fight will it be?

He's been taking too much of my life.

Looks like I can't escape this person anymore. What’s going on, why did Clai join the picture?


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