(Sharian Roden POV)

"Here, take this for the reservation. The place is top-near the hidden arena, for you to see as clearly as we fight." Zaki said handing me a blue card with Z. Delrama written on it.

"Did I tell you I'm going to watch? I won't go watch! You know you've been interfering too much. How long will I have to pay for my sin with you?" I replied, not accepting the card, and sat in the chair I saw in front of him.

"You immediately forgot everything I told you. You're mine! So even if you don't want to or if you want to, you'll watch. You must watch, you are our stake, right?" He throws the card at me.

I want to break the neck of this bastard!. He was holding my life. It's hard to escape from him.

"Fine, I'll watch but tell me about that event first," I asked taking the card.

Zaki stood up, took off his coat, and sipped wine.

"Tomorrow's event is one of our customs here in Rapture Hotel. This hotel is not fully owned by me. It means this hotel own by investors. This very large and very classy hotel in Cordova City is not the only mine. Tomorrow there will be a stage play where I will participate and Clai. The two of us will fight, and the spectators will bet." He handed me a glass of wine and sat down.

"Why is Clai involved?"

"As far as I know, the Zamora's want to enter RH, in short Clai will fight tomorrow not only for money but also for hotel ownership. If he wins tomorrow against me, which is impossible, 10% of RH will go in Zamora plus big money from the owners and also from me. He can get, and he has the right to choose whether to fight or get a fighter for him in the next match next month." Zaki explained.

"What if you lose?"

"If I lose, I won't be able to fight next match. I'll find someone to fight Clai or the replacement he can choose. And if I still lose or my opponent in next month's match, I will be removed as one of the owners of Rapture." He said and smirked.

"TSK you will lose!"

"Really? That's how much you trust Clai. At least you know him better than me ..... 8 pm. The underground Center part of RH. Tomorrow."

I thought this hotel was legal.

"Cordova laws forbid underground fights like your customs, doesn't it?"

"It's not allowed, yes, that's why that tradition is held in the hidden arena. It's just for fun and for betting of course."

He was already walking towards me, and I was shocked when he locked me in the chair, he propped his long arms behind the chair and the closeness of his beautiful face. My back is glued to the chair.

"You ... are ... too close!" I stuttered.

"Cigar and lighter in my pocket." He was staring into my eyes.

"Eh. So.what?"

"Get the cigar, put it in my lips, and light it for me." He ordered.

"What if I don't want to? It's a simple thing you can't even do yourself, so lame." I refused and averted his face.

His face is strange again now. I no longer see anger. His face was serious.

I was surprised when Zaki put his face on my shoulder.

My heartbeat suddenly increased. I held my breath.

"Rod. wish me good luck." He stuttered weakly.

I smiled. Maybe he feels like he will lose tomorrow. Haha, that's good if that's the case!

I was even more surprised when he touched my lips with a kiss.

I closed my eyes.

His lips were so soft and hot. I feel something weird with his gentle kiss.

What is wrong with me? Why I'm liking this?

When I pulled myself back, I pushed him right away.

He just looked at me like a blank.

He walked away and opened the vault on the wall.

"Antidote." He reached for the antidote from the vault.

I immediately opened it and drank.

I feel like I want to get to know him more. He was different from all the men I had met. He was very hard to read.

I got up to leave. Walked to the door.

I'm going home, I've taken the antidotes no need to stay.

"Where are you going?" Zaki asked.

"I'm going home."

I was about to open the door when Zaki suddenly pulled me over, throwing me on the bed.

(Fast Forward)


To my surprise when I entered the house I caught up with Clai. Based on his appearance, it looks like he is waiting for something.

"Isn't Stan here yet?" I asked Clai as I approached.

"He sleeps earlier," Clai answered.

"Oh? Why are you still here?"

"I'm waiting for you." He said and stood facing me.

"Huh! Why?"

"Why are you in RH and why are you with that Zaki?"

"It doesn't matter anymore, so you don't have to know ... Goodnight." I smiled and passed him.

I'm exhausted and drowsy.

"By the way Clai ... beat Zaki tomorrow," I said before stepping up the stairs.

"I will, for you."

Seriously, at midnight he's still waiting for me just to ask why I'm with Zaki?

Whether he wins or loses tomorrow, he still dates me, if he wishes, based on what he and Zaki talked about?

I was excited. But I'm tired because of Zaki's torment earlier, so I have to rest.

(Fast Forward)

8:30 pm I reached (Rapture Hotel)RH. For sure the match is starting.

I run down the immense hallway of the RH underground to the center part.

There is a large door with the brand H.A... Hidden-Arena. That's it.

I swiped the card given by Zaki.

The door opened and two sexy women in bras and shorts opened up to me.

"Maam, show me your card." The woman said smiling.

I showed her the card. They looked at the card and looked at me as if envious.

"This way ma'am."

I followed the woman.

We stopped at the opposite of another door.

She opened it with my card and returned it to me.

"You're in."

I entered the room and I heard screams below, so I looked down.

Arena surrounded by room. It is impossible to see this arena. From the room where I was standing, I could see the spectators in the other room and I could see more Zaki and Clai on stage fighting.

Damn, it looks like the fight is over.

Each wall is soundproof, so the screams inside the Arena cannot be heard outside.

Zaki looked at me. Our eyes meet, and my eyes widened as he smiles at me.

I bit my lip so hard when Clai hit him in the neck, and he fell !!!! Zaki was no longer standing.

Instead of rejoicing for it looks like Clai will win, I felt different. It was as if I wanted to jump there to Zaki and hug him.

Maybe I just felt sorry for him.

"THE PRICE GOES TO C.ZAMORA !!!" The shout of the host.

Clai wins.


20 minutes later.

Zaki entered the room.

"You seem not happy huh. Maybe you want me to die rather than just lose." He said and sat down in front of me.

Even though his lip and eyebrows were cut, he was still handsome.

"Shut up. It's your fault." I said and stood up, and I have to come out fast.

"Roden, about next month's match." He said so I stopped.

"How about that?"

"Because I lost I can't fight anymore. So I have to find a fighter for me." He said.

“So what? I turn my back facing him.

"I'm counting on you. You have my ownership of this hotel, it's in your hands now. You are the one I chose to fight next month, you're my fighter. Furthermore, you'll fight for me!"

"WHAT!?" I muttered with shock! Crazy, why would I do that?

" You have no choice but to fight for me. If you lose I will punish you."

"And if I win. Will you release me?"

"I'll think about that Roden."

I'll fight next month? I'll fight Clai?

All I can say is, Zaki is CRAZY!...


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