6-Win Or Lose

(Zaki POV)

"What are you doing Zak?! Choosing a fighter carefree! I know how important this hotel is to you, but why did you choose Roden to fight for you? You know I'm better than her why didn't you choose me, huh?" Aileen yelled at me.

Aileen has been working with our family for a long time. We are just the same age and have trained to fight together from childhood until now.

Aileen was dad’s fighter, and she was a fighter earlier than me.

Behind the Rapture Hotel class is the boring customs.

"Shut up Aileen. I know what I'm doing."

"Stupid, it's the end of your ownership when Roden loses, I have a strong feeling that she will lose. Do you understand? Because when she loses the ownership will be taken away from you and the ownership will go to Clarence. I can't believe you're being stupid." Aileen shouted.

"Oh please shut

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