8-Feel Wanted

(Roden POV)

I just looked at Zaki while getting dressed.

I touched my jaw. Furthermore, I was nervous before that I might not be able to get my jaw back, but in just a second Zaki got it back to normal as if he hadn't just dislocated it.

There is something hidden from this guy.

"Come on. I'll take you home." He said after getting dressed and fixing my uniform that he messed up.

He pulled me up and down on the bed.

Zaki held my back out of the clinic.

I feel like I'm not that angry with him anymore.

In the hallway, he stopped and looked down. I saw Ian and Nate in the garden sitting on the bench.

I looked at Zaki. He stared at Ian. For the first time, I felt jealous of a man.

Zaki's gaze is full of love for his younger childhood Ian Cole Mercado even though

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