9-Love or Poison

(Roden POV)

<Crown University>

Until now, I still can't move properly. That Zaki is naughty. My whole body hurts.

"Hey, you're alone again huh." Said a voice behind me. I was distracted.

There are six men and one woman in the group. Who are these people again? TSK with the number of enemies I have, I don't know if my enemy or friend is in front of me.

I was just shocked when someone kicked me. Arghh shit, I can't fight well because my body still hurts.

Damn it! They beat me to death.

"Are you a Stygian? We heard the Stygian are strong and good fighters, but it doesn't look like that!" The woman said once pulling my hair.

"I'm just not in the mood right now," I answered, so the woman knelt on me and slapped me.

"Then we'll just kill you with no difficulty." They keep hurting

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