13-Wont Forgive You

(Roden POV)

I walk down the hallway to the Icon Classroom.

Looking only on my way because I didn’t want to see the weird look of the CU students.

It was as if they were afraid of me. Maybe I’m terrifying. Everyone stands aside just to let me pass. TSK I don't care about them.

Boooooooogss !!

Aww, I was stopped when I crashed.

"What? Don't you know me? Why don't you step aside !?" I shouted while lifting my face to look at who or what I had hit.

All white roses showed on my face.

"For you Rod."

"Clai !?" I stuttered in shock when I push away the flowers and exposed Clai's very handsome face behind it.

I narrowed my eyes at him.

Everyone in the hallway was shouting, as were those who peeked out of the windows of the classroom.


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