17-My Everything

(Roden POV)

The days passed quickly, and I continue to wait for Zaki.

It's been two weeks since he left, and I miss him so much.

I feel like I am alone in this world.

I keep ignoring anyone around. Furthermore, I prefer to be alone. Enter school alone and eat alone outside.

Although I'm sad, I don't think about drinking and getting drunk, unlike my sister Zaneah who has the strength to drink.

Will Zaki ever come back? I don’t care what he'll do to me, the important thing is I want to see him again.

I don't care if I have to deal with his anger and cruelty as long as I can touch and see him.

Likewise, I was sitting in Zaki's chair here in the classroom when he was still here, near the window.

Not only that, but I looked at the students below as I waited for our next class.

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