18-Hate Me More

(Roden POV)

Waaaah the taste of my tears awake me.

Wait! Where am I?

The cold, the softness of the bed, and the fragrant. The scent!

I rubbed my eyes and slowly open them.

I rolled my eyes around.

Likewise, I was in RH, in Zaki's room.

Furthermore, I slowly got up.

Argh, the pain of my whole body. My arms are full of scratches.

Those bitches, they beat me so bad!

I fainted!

I was struck by the sight of the man who had sunk near my feet.

My heaven!

My chest throbbed harder.

I thought I was just overly beaten, so I saw Zaki in my imagination.

But this man by my side is none other than Zaki. My master.

I stroked his hair, and I was shocked

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