19-Different World

(Zaki POV)

"Leen, why did you agree to what dad wanted? You know I don't have any plans to get married yet!" I asked Aileen.

"You already know the reason, Zak. I love you and your parents know I'm the best for you."

"Oh please, Aileen. I already told you. I only treat you like a sister. You're important to me because you're a family member. I can't make you happy, and I can't give you the things a husband does. Do you understand?"

"Zak just sees or be with you, I'm happy. So you're wrong, I'll be happy when I marry you."

I cover my face with my palms and sighed.

"I'm so sorry Leen."

"Just tell me if you change your mind, Zak, I'll be waiting. I know you love me too." Aileen said so I looked at her.

I just gasped.

I need to talk to Dad, I don’t want to marry Aileen.


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