20-Whats Going On

(Roden POV)

I was finishing my hair when there was a knock on the door.

"Rod anniversary of the Stygian later, go to our base to celebrate with us. You need to be there, cutie pie." Stan said when I opened the door.

"Argh do I need to go?" I sighed.

"Of course."


Stan covered my mouth.

"No buts, I'll see you there." He said seriously and turned his back on me.

Argh shit!

I closed the door of my room again.

Argh, when will Stan go down from being the god of the Stygian?

TSK he should step down for me to be peaceful when Zaneah has the crown already.

I just gasped. Zaki and I talked about going to the Rapture with him later, but I had to party with the Stygian.

Maybe I'll just talk to Z

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