21-Who Am I To You

(Roden POV)

<Stygian Datum Base, 10 pm>

We just sat at a table while watching the Stygian dancing.

Zaneah and the others, drinking. Stan was talking to people I didn't even know.

The party was not fun for a loner like me, so I just wanted to go home. I’m tired of being around and smiling at all of Stan’s partners.

I also don't like to drink, so I'm just here in the corner.

Damn! Likewise, I'm so bored as hell. If I had gone to Zaki, maybe I wouldn't be bored like this.

I decided to approach Stan to say goodbye to go home first.

I had a harder time walking because of the heels I was wearing.

When I got behind Stan, I pulled on the sleeve of his coat.

He was distracted.

"Rod, what is it?" He whispered.


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Mona Moussawi
Omg, Zaki loves Rod so much, he helped her brother, kissed her feet. He's so cute and in love. I can't, I feel embarrassed for him.... Is there real love in our world?

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