Kas's POV

I wake up to see it's nighttime. I'm pretty sure the bed I'm in is the softest bed in the world. The scent of coffee and dark chocolate fills my senses and for the first time in forever, I feel completely relaxed. Happy little sparks shoot around my body. I realize I am cradled in a large man's arms, like a kid with a teddy bear. He's so tall that I feel like a little kid next to him. My face is against his t-shirt, breathing in his intoxicating scent.

I'm too short to look up to see his face from my position, but I already know it's Alpha Bronx Mason. I start to feel panic try to rise in my chest, but Lex gently pushes it back down.

"Enjoy this moment, Kas," she whispers when she feels me starting to struggle, "He is your mate. He isn't going to hurt you."

“We don't even know h

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Lisa Swing Hart
Agreed ... completely
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Lisa Swing Hart
I like the story ; but, the chapters are too costly. ...
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Mye Enorio Rotelo
Nice story ...

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