Lenora lunges across the table, sailing over top of me, causing the person who had grabbed me to let go. I hear growling and snarling as she fights with the person. At the same time, Ashley grabs me by the wrist and pulls me away from the scuffle. She runs into the bathroom and locks the door.

“Kas, are you okay?" Ashley holds both sides of my face, "Come on, Kas, answer me, please.”

I feel myself looking at her, but I feel numb. Like my mind is separating from my body. There is a high pitched hum taking over my hearing. Even Lex is trying to call me but she sounds so far away. I can't feel her like I usually do.

Ashley is patting my face. I see her talking to me, but I can't hear her anymore. All I hear is the steady high pitched hum. My body starts shivering in fear. I need to calm down. Lenora and Ashley are g

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Kathy Martino McReynolds
great book wish it was cheaper to read
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Prince Baffour
Bronx showed how matured he is to ignore her past and continue with her
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Margaret Christian
Sobbing! OMG Bronx is the best and my poor baby, how hard that must have been to tell him that. live this book so far can't wait to finish it.

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