The next day we meet with the Betas and Gammas in Bronx's office first thing in the morning. They all agree on something right away. I don't get to leave the packhouse unless I have two security guards at all times. We don't know where Ryan or his dad are. Bronx is not willing to take any chances. 

Ashley picks up her phone and laptop and goes to the back of the office where there is a small conference table. She comes back a few minutes later with a smile on her face.

“All set. They'll be here in fifteen minutes," she says cheerfully.

“Good work, Ashley. Alright team, next order of business. We have to do research and figure out why Kas has powers and if there is anything we need to do to make accommodations for her," Bronx says, "Kas, tell us what you have experienced so far. Please.” 

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Sue Brown
I really like the story it's quick witted znd warm.
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The book is good so far. I can’t stop reading it. I’m loving this book.
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Theresa Setty
They need to be watching out for the sister too…. She is sick and they want her simply to heal her….

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