“Welcome Luna Iokaste, welcome gentlemen. I'm Lady Camille, mother of this coven," an older woman standing in the middle of the entryway welcomes us, "Luna Iokaste, you are correct. You will not be able to feel your bond with your mate while you are in our realm unless he is here with you. Never fear, we have spells that will help you overcome this feeling so you can concentrate on your studies and training. We will show you to your rooms in a few minutes, but first we need to go over some rules.”

Marco pats my hand, "Give it a chance, Luna. If it's too much of a problem, I'll call the Alpha.”

Lady Camille begins as if she didn't hear what Marco just said, "Now, the first thing to know is you will not be able to speak about the things we do here. Our land has an enchantment that will prevent you from being able to do so.

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Hortencia Ornelas
He so broken kinda reminds me of that vampire book that they made into a movie
goodnovel comment avatar
Kim Nadeau
I agree and sadly I am a smoker! Sigh
goodnovel comment avatar
Kelly Womble
Imagine how much worse they would feel if they HAD marked each other

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