Chapter Thirty Two

He had the rest of the afternoon for himself and was grateful for Renata that she did not add more meetings to his day for the first time. He let Sacha drive Aurora to her meetings, and informed Renata to just hire an external chauffeur for him for the day. After his visit to the site and further meetings with Herman and their construction team, he called it a day and decided to do some shopping. Earlier that day, he realized to his utter horror that he has never given Aurora a formal engagement ring, nor a wedding gift. He was not usually negligent with these matters but he had to admit their wedding, then the funeral, then the corporate transitions took a lot of his attention the past few months. It was not an excuse, he admitted and would simply just remedy it as soon as he can. Renata already made an appointment for him at Harry Winston and is a frequent client whenever he wanted to buy blings for his former girlfriends.

Aurora was not a girlfriend and an engagement ring

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