Chapter Thirty Four

He arrived in New York earlier than she expected. She was in the kitchen when she heard the apartment door open and his six foot four frame walked in looking crisp and polished. The only deviation are the markings of tattoos in his upper arms that are now visible due to the folded sleeves of his white button down. He looked delicious and when she shifted her gaze to his dark grey eyes, she could not help but swallow a huge lump in her throat. He looked at her with so much intensity, she almost caught her breath. Those eyes were full of desire and she noticed that the man was walking purposefully towards her. She could not take her eyes off of him. She was brought back to her reality when she heard the pasta sauce boil and had to remove her gaze from her husband and focus on the task in front of her.

“Flight okay?” she managed to croak. But before she could receive an answer, she felt his arm circle her waist and was pulled against him for a warm embrace. She decided to accep

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