Chapter Thirty Six

The sudden turn of events had her reeling, she had to hug herself in utter confusion. One moment he was being agreeable, affectionate even, flirting with her, asking her for a kiss then after a few minutes, he turned a 180 degree. She felt terrible. What was running on his mind, she did not know. Frankly, he was quite clear what made him change his mind. Being affectionate, teasing, flirting was not part of their arrangement. He realized that asking her to have sex with him was a breach of their marriage of convenience. He was here for a merger, not a marriage. And he was right, it will only complicate things between them. She knew he was not capable of giving her the love she wanted. He was also clear about that. Now that it was fully clear to her that he did not plan or intend to take things further with her, that he really did plan to divorce her after everything was settled in both companies, she needed to do her part as a wife while maintaining a healthy distance. That was what

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